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Johnny Chestnut

Growing up wearing glasses, Johnny was always shocked at the cost of frames and lenses. He’d heard about online companies that could make eyeglasses for less than what it costs in traditional brick and mortar stores. While doing some research, he came across EyeBuyDirect and was hooked right away. His lenses that normally cost around $150 were only $50, with anti-glare and UV protective coatings. Paired with some amazing frames for only $20, his new glasses cost less than half of what he normally paid for just lenses.


EBD’s mission to provide affordable eyewear struck a chord with him. Curious about the company, Johnny did some more digging and saw they were hiring. Something just felt right about it, so he applied. A month later, he found himself snapping pictures of glasses to post to Instagram. Johnny joined the EyeBuyDirect team in 2015. Originally part of the social media team, he now contributes to EBD’s blog and site.


As the local glasses expert at EBD, he spends his time researching anything and everything to do with eyewear. He authors pieces on a variety of topics, like how eyeglasses’ frames are made or how different types of lenses work. But for Johnny, there’s more to life than work and glasses. In between writing and running, he spends his free time with his true love, Sophie (his cat).


A pizza connaisseur with a case of wanderlust, Johnny is a New Yorker, born and raised. To keep the pizza pounds off, Johnny is also an avid runner and tries to get in a couple miles every day. He is also a lifelong glasses wear, clocking over 20 years of rocking spectacular specs.

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