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Michael Chang

Michael is one of EyeBuyDirect’s top experts in eyewear street fashion. As a watcher of trends, he’s travelled from New York to Beijing, reviewing glasses designs from the extraordinary and elegant to the quirky and outlandish.


Michael grew up in the foggy city of San Francisco. In his early years, he was raised by a family of interior designers and architects. Instead of playing outside with his friends and a football, you could find his younger self in his grandpa’s study, nose buried in a fashion artbook.


This love for fashion led him on a journey as a fashion writer at several companies. Through this exploration of concept and style, Michael slowly came to realize one thing: People today seem to only pick the “safest” fashion options. This was especially true when it comes to their selection of eyewear. As a content writer, he wishes to push the concept of glasses to new heights and elevate their status in the fashion world.


One of his most transformative experiences occurred in Beijing, where he worked closely with Vogue Magazine to introduce new eyewear concepts. The fast paced editorial life struck a chord with him, and since that moment he was determined to continue his path in fashion journalism. Today, he likes to shed his personal light on urban glasses trends for EyeBuyDirect’s blog and website.


Outside of fashion journalism, most people would say Michael reads way too many comic books. As a result, he likes to believe that he leads some kind of exciting double-life crossed between being a trendy fashion hunter and a shameless board game nerd. When he’s not scavenging city libraries for books on design, he can usually be found waist-deep in a heroic session of Dungeons and Dragons. His favorite in-game activities include jumping recklessly into hordes of angry skeletons and testing out different magic potions.

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