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Nick Walsh

From Hobbiton, New Zealand comes our social media guru, Nick. When the sun is out and the rays are shining, there’s nothing he enjoys more than hitting the hiking trails and beaches. As one of EyeBuyDirect’s top experts on sunglasses and UV protection, you can be confident that he knows how to work a mean pair of shades. His head is practically swarming with eyewear fashion advice on color combinations, retro styles, and more.

Nick isn’t the kind of guy that loves to stay indoors for long. When it comes to fashion, this New Zealander draws his inspiration from the breathtaking grasslands of his hometown of Matamata (yes that is a real place!). Whether he’s giving the EBD team awesome photoshoot direction or creating sweet social media promotions, you can bet that he’ll bring his A-grade sunglasses knowledge. If you spot him in the office, he’s the fellow working hard behind the scenes for a good amount of our PR photoshoots and video guides.

With his vast knowledge of contemporary fashion, Nick is the king of keeping you in the know on what eyeglasses are best for which outfits, aesthetics, and even face shapes. When he’s off the clock, you can find DJ NZ dropping stellar beats at clubs around the world, roaming the globe for his next musical inspiration. When he isn’t sporting the latest trends in eyeglasses and sunglasses in the production studio, you can find him making ace instagram posts.

Sometimes, finding your next perfect pair of eyewear can be difficult — but that’s why style virtuosos like Nick exist! Before you even think about what your next pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses should be, check out Nick’s fashion-forward style guides and eyewear tips. You can follow his work on #EyeBuyDirect’s useful blog articles, or on the official EBD Facebook page.


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