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How to Fix Bent Glasses Quickly

It happens to the best of us. You put your glasses down for just a minute and … crunch. Whether you sit on them, step on them, or your kids got ahold of them, glasses get damaged for a whole slew of reasons. Don’t fret! And...


Sunglass Lens Colors and Their Applications

A good pair of sunglasses does more than just protect your eyes from UV rays. Your choice in lens color also determines the color contrast that you’ll be experiencing. It might seem like a subtle decision, but choosing what color...


Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse?

There are many reasons people avoid wearing their eyeglasses. Maybe they don’t like how they make them look. Maybe they’re afraid of getting labeled a “nerd.” But one common reason that comes up over and over again...


Brown or Black Sunglasses — Fashion Faceoff

Today, you can get sunglasses in almost any shade imaginable. Floral print, tortoiseshell, neon pink — you name it and it’s probably for sale. But most people prefer the subdued style and elegance of classic colors like brown...