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Can You Be A Pilot With Glasses?

Yes, you can! With proper vision correction most eyeglass wearers can be a pilot with no issues. This question is asked a lot by people dreaming of taking to the skies at some point, whether as a commercial airline pilot, member of the...


What’s the difference between progressive and transition lenses?

Progressive lenses feature the nifty ability to adjust your vision for both close range and long distance. Unlike bifocals which only feature two levels of strength, progressives change gradually as you move down the lens, eliminating the...


How To Style Round Sunglasses

Knowing how to style round sunglasses is vital if you decide that this frame shape is for you. The type of sunglasses you choose to buy is a seriously important decision. Whatever you’re wearing, your choice of eyewear will be  front and...


Can I Get Prescription Aviator Sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses, like all types of eyewear, are available with a prescription. If you were concerned that you would have to choose between wearing your untinted eyeglasses or your prescriptionless sunglasses, then worry no more! Asking...


Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It?

  Whether you need polarized sunglasses or not depends on a few different factors. Polarized sunglasses are a special type of eyewear that is used to reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water or metal. Perhaps you’ve wondered —...