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The History of Eyeglasses and More

Alright, folks: Gather around and focus up. It’s time to clear away the mysteries of the world and talk about the history of eyeglasses! The First Recorded Vision Aids in the History of Eyeglasses Believe it or not, evidence of the human...


Sturdy Eyeglasses That Will Last

Sturdy eyeglasses are a must-have item. After all, not all of us have a Hermione Granger friend in our lives to cast oculus reparo to fix our broken eyeglasses. Nor do any of us want to end up like that guy in that Twilight Zone episode who...


Narrow Frame Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

People with petite faces are all too aware of the plight that is finding eyeglasses or sunglasses that are the right size. For whatever reason, the fates seem to have decided that having a narrow face means you’re destined to wear glasses...


Minimalist Glasses for Your Sleek Wardrobe

Fashion experts agree: minimalist glasses are a cornerstone piece of any slim and sleek wardrobe. Through decades of style, their geometric angles and modern structure have made them the perfect expression of sophistication and class. If...


Happy National Sunglasses Day

Every year, June 27th marks the occasion to raise awareness about the importance of UV protection. This National Sunglasses Day, join the EyeBuyDirect crew as we recognize the importance of sunglasses — in terms of eye health, style points...