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Ladies Eyeglasses You Won’t Want to Miss

The fairer sex are historically renowned for their love of all things beautiful, stylish and fashionable. Making up 52% of the world’s population, the lovely women among us hold a special place in our hearts and not just because we...


Round Rimless Glasses: Frames Explained

Are you serious? Yes, actually, we are. Rimless eyeglasses have a bad rep these days, even in the EBD office. Some of us love them and some of us think they’re dated, boring and unstylish. I can neither confirm nor deny which...


Men’s Eyeglasses Styles & LMFW Inspiration

Men’s style sometimes takes a back seat in the fashion world. The perfect remedy to this is men’s fashion week! A celebration of the styles that all us guys will be sporting over the next season and a chance for designers to...


Eyewear Designs and Who Wore What

Eyewear designs have been around since the dawn of man. Early innovators used anything they could find to block out harsh sunlight, or to help them enlarge the text they were trying to read. From pieces of wood to fish bowls full of...