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Who Created Glasses and How They’ve Evolved

Ah, glasses — the modern reader’s greatest companion and the fashionista’s best accessory. While many believe that it was Founding Father Benjamin Franklin who created glasses for the first time, he is actually credited with only inventing...


Celebrity Eyeglasses: The Best Specs!

As much as we love the Emmys, Oscars, and Golden Globes, there’s sadly no awards for celebrity eyeglasses… until now! This isn’t some “best of” listicle for who wore what to whichever awards ceremony. No, this is EyeBuyDirect’s first...


Gandhi Style Glasses with Historical Flair

Many people know Mahatma Gandhi as one of the wisest fellows in history. Few can deny that his role as a groundbreaking activist and leader of the Indian independence movement influenced the world on a huge level. However, not as many...


Why We Need Low Bridge Glasses

We’ve all been there: You’re on the most romantic date of your life, or you’re giving your career defining presentation… and your glasses start slipping off your nose! Worry not: It’s a more common problem than you think, so there’s no need...


Unusual Glasses Frames for the Adventurous

Never be afraid to embrace the unknown. Remember: the freshest and most exciting trends of today’s fashion world all found their origins as unfamiliar concepts at first. If you truly want to let your unique style shine, being afraid to...