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What is Digital Eye Strain and How to Prevent it

You don’t need us to tell you that digital screens play a huge part in our day-to-day lives – It’s 2017 after all! We use them to binge watch our favorite TV series, to work, to stay up to date with our favorite blogs (ahem), and even to maintain our personal relationships! While there’s no doubt that digital technology has made our lives easier, it's important to recognize that our reliance on high-tech gadgets does have consequences. Prolonged exposure to digital screens can have a big impact on our eye health, and scientific reports on the long-term negative effects of digital screens are becoming more common every day. It's high time we start talking about digital eye strain and how to prevent it!

What is digital eye strain?

Digital eye strain is the discomfort experienced after extended exposure to digital screens. After two or more hours of uninterrupted screen time, people of all ages begin to experience symptoms including headaches, loss of sleep, and blurriness of vision. It doesn't stop there, either. Spending too long in front of a computer screen can even quicken and intensify the development of pre-existing eye related ailments!

It's a huge problem for any person that uses a computer for long periods of time. Those that use digital screens for work or play should be extra mindful of these effects.

How can someone avoid these negative effects?

Fortunately, mitigating the effects of digital eye strain is as easy as investing in the right glasses. Computer glasses are a unique type of eyewear that, when equipped with lenses treated with a special coating, filter out the blue light emitted from screens. This digital screen protection lessens the stress our eyes experience during computer use. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time glued to your digital device (or you have a loved who does), now’s the time to consider the health of your peepers! As an incentive, we’re offering 25% off digital protection until December 22nd. Every frame in EyeBuyDirect's selection can be customized to incorporate digital protection lenses, so you don’t need to sacrifice style

Want to learn more? Here's a nifty little crash course on digital eye strain and how to avoid it. Take notes, spread the word, and give your eyes the protection they deserve!

digital eye strain infographic