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Aviator Eyeglasses Trends of 2021

Aviator frames, with their unmistakable silhouette and distinctive double top bar, are a total must-have style this year.


Moxie $39

Moxie is a classic take on the aviator style, the golden finish is the icing on the cake.

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2021 Heart Eyeglasses Trends

You can’t get more romantic than a pair of heart-shaped eyeglasses! This frame shape is playful and eye-catching, but also fashionable in a statement-making way. Heart eyeglasses are perfect for you if you’re looking to exude love.


Amore $32

Amore’s flirty shape and metallic coloring combine for a fun frame that will effortlessly make you the heart of any party.

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Wire-Frame Eyeglasses — 2021 Trends

Wire frames are metallic and minimalist in equal measure. Frames of this style stretch from classic rectangular shapes to more adventurous geometric frames like Soar.


Inscription $32

The artfully embossed temples of Inscription really makes this style a statement piece.

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70’s Inspired Eyeglasses, Back for 2021

The design philosophy of 70’s eyeglasses can be summed up in two words — oversized and glam. This style of frame hits all the right fashion notes for both men and women in 2021, so pick up a pair and hit the dancefloor in style!


Morla $35

Oversized and glamorous, Morla is an amazingly avant-garde choice for any occasion.

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Popular Prescription Eyeglass Styles

Rose Gold - Feminine Touches For the Eyeglasses Trends of 2021

Rose gold eyeglasses walk the line between classic gold and bold pink tones. Frames with this luxurious metallic hue are getting increasingly popular due to their versatility and feminine charm. Check out Octave, in rose gold for a perfect example of this trend.


Octave $39

Botanist’s no-nonsense rectangular design is a touch more daring in a striped navy finish.

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2021 Eyeglass Trends — Colors of Spring

For spring 2021, soft pastel tones are the colors to choose from. Cherbourg’s lime green fades into a gentle cream, while the light orange Lugano is sure to bring warmth to your features in the best way possible.


Etched $35

Octave features octagonal lenses and a rose-gold finish for an on-trend set of eyeglasses.

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Classic Blue Frames for a Cool 2021 Eyeglass Trend

Blue is the color for 2021. Classic black frames will always have a place in our hearts, but the cool navy tones of a pair like Botanist are undoubtedly on-trend in 2021.


Botanist $35

Etched looks playful and positive with a sunny yellow finish.

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