Complete pair for $0.26!

Published on Jun 23, 2014
Hi, my name is Holly Robertson and I have been a customer of EyeBuyDirect for a while now. I have bought several, several pairs of glasses from them, mostly plastic frames, but I have them in different styles and colors. I’ve never had a problem with the frames or the company. They’ve been really good and one thing that I do like is that I’ve gotten most of my frames for free or at a low cost. That’s because they offer promotions and they give you rewards dollars, loyalty dollars for referring people. I’ve earned a lot of those from different people because I pretty much blow Facebook (can we link to our FB page here?) up on that and I just advertise and tell people about it and how good the classes are and they use my code, and they sign up, and I get the loyalty dollars and I end up getting free glasses. Anyhow, these are the pair I just got this weekend. They came in. They’re kind of red on the inside and black on the outside. They fit great. I have no problems with adjusting. They have a tool on the website where you can put your picture up and try the glasses on your face with the picture and you can see how they look. So far, everything that I’ve got has been perfect. I like that, and I do like the timing of the shipping. It’s pretty good, it’s about two or three weeks. These pair I only paid, I think it was like $0.26 for because I had loyalty dollars and a discount on top of that. So I just don’t pay a whole lot for my glasses anymore. I used to pay a lot at the eye doctor’s office and they weren’t that great of glasses. I’m super happy with the company and I recommend to everybody try them out and use my discount, and you’ll save a whole lot of money.
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