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How to Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Step 1: Filtering the catalogue

Start your search for prescription eyeglasses on the top red bar where you can select from men's or women's glasses, full rim, semi and rimless frames, shapes (rectangle, oval, square, round) materials and styles (fashion or classic frames etc.) On the left hand side you can further refine your search by price, lens type (multi focal or single vision) size and color.
Top navigation and left refining tool

Step 2: Frames at a glance

After selecting your frames, note the overview details – Which lens can be fitted in this frame and what is the frame size (Learn about frame sizes below) To virtually try your frame on, click EyeTry and upload an image of yourself. If this is your first time to buy prescription eyeglasses online, we strongly recommend you read our guide to entering your prescription details

Product is available in the following lens

Frame size

Upload image to virtually try on these frames

Product description

Like these frames?
Now enter your prescription

How to enter a prescription

Step 3: Frame size

It is important to understand what the frame will look like before buying prescription eyeglasses online. To do so, we recommend spending a moment to understand how frames are measured. Look at your current frames; do you notice a set of numbers on the temple? If not, you might want to use a ruler to get an idea of the size range you are used to.

Step 4: Enter your prescription

The last step is copying your prescription. It's easy but if this is your first time buying prescription eyeglasses online, we do recommend you have a look at our guide to reading a prescription.
Input your prescription details and then submit.
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