• Gender
    Men (168)
    Women (196)
    Kids (10)
  • Brands
    Ray-Ban (23)
    Oakley (9)
    Rflkt (8)
    5 to see (3)
  • Size
    Extra Small (5)
    Small (16)
    Medium (49)
    Large (157)
    Extra Large (40)
    Total Width
    110mm - 150mm
    Lens Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Lens Height
    120mm - 150mm
    Bridge Width
    120mm - 150mm
    Arm Width
    120mm - 150mm
  • Shape
    Rectangle (45)
    Round (59)
    Square (57)
    Oval (15)
    Horn (37)
    Browline (8)
    Aviator (35)
    Heart (2)
    Geometric (9)
  • Rim
    Full-Rim (248)
    Semi-Rimless (7)
    Rimless (12)
  • Material
    Acetate (121)
    Wood (2)
    Metal (82)
    Plastic (41)
    Mixed (27)
  • Color
    Tortoise (49)
    Floral (5)
    Striped (5)
    Black (52)
    Gray (6)
    Clear (13)
    White (3)
    Pink (6)
    Red (19)
    Brown (20)
    Orange (2)
    Yellow (6)
    Green (5)
    Blue (25)
    Purple (8)
    Gold (22)
    Silver (15)
    Bronze (15)
    Rose Gold (9)
    Ivory Tortoise (2)
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The Importance of UV Protection

From an early age, almost everyone is taught that spending too much time in the sun can be bad for your eyes. While that’s somewhat true, that single broad statement has become a kind of scientific boogie man. Everyone’s wary about the sun, but fewer people know about the importance of UV protection and how it can help you negate its effects. Your polarized sunglass lenses will also come with a separate UV protective coating, as standard.

Did you know? Prolonged exposure to the sun without UV protection can cause rapid macular degeneration (blurring of the eyesight.). Believe it or not, this phenomenon can occur at any time of the year, since UV rays reflect extremely well off of cloudy skies, snow, and even water. Polarized sunglasses can help your eyes filter out these dangerous rays and maintain your vision’s health.

The Benefits of Polarization

Sunglasses with this special coating have unique features that make them a great choice for active people, drivers, and more. Here’s just a couple special examples: Reduced glare: Polarized sunglasses take in vertical light, but filter out horizontal light. This effectively blocks out the blurry hazes and glares associated with bright reflections during sunny days and overly bright car headlights during night time driving. Improved comfort and reduced eye strain: Polarized sunglasses naturally lessen the amount that you need to squint in bright light conditions, drastically reducing eye strain and improving comfort.