What does Focus offer?

Become a Focus Member and
get your first reward

Buy one, get one free

You’ll also get:
  • Member only
  • 15% off
    any order
  • Free premium

How do I become
a focus member?

Joining Focus is simple. Earn 50 points in one year to achieve membership status.

There are 6 different ways to get points, check below to learn how!

  • Snag a Pair of RFLKT

    Choosing any pair from our premium brand, RFLKT Eyewear, is a great way to boost your points

    30 points
  • Spend over $80

    Making a big order? You can make off with some serious points for any order $80 or more

    30 points
  • Pick up Digital Protection

    Protect your eyes and improve the quality of your screen time with Digital Screen Protection glasses

    25 points
  • Buy a Gift Card

    This one is easy! Share an EBD Gift Card with a friend and earn 25 points

    25 points
  • Refer a Friend

    Know someone looking for new specs? Every time you refer a new friend not only do you earn points, you can also earn $10 to spend at EBD

    20 points
  • Receive Our Latest Deals

    Only need a couple more points? Get our newsletter for updates on the latest products and promotions

    20 points

Already a member?

View your point balance in your account under Loyalty Program tab or click the button below

Check membership

EyeBuyDirect.com reserves the right to cancel or change the Focus program at any time. Your points will be updated within 24 hours after purchase. Your account will be credited for 20 points after your referred friend has placed an order using your code. Cancelled orders may result in reversal of points. Maximum points per customer is 50. Once a loyalty program member, membership continues based on purchase activity. You need to make at least one purchase per year in order to maintain your Focus membership status. Only one promotional code can be used per purchase.

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