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Multi Focus Reading Glasses: One lens, many functions

Multi focus reading glasses reduce eye strain by bringing everything into clear focus. With these lenses, you no longer have to switch between multiple pairs of glasses. Instead, you can enjoy one pair of glasses that work hard, so your...


What is a Photochromic Lens For?

What is a photochromic lens? Invented in the 1960s by Corning Glass Works Inc, a photochromic lense is a lens that changes color when exposed to light. The term photochromic comes from the combination of the Greek word roots for light,...


Retro Round Glasses: New Takes on a Classic Trend

Vintage has been a popular aesthetic for many years, and retro round glasses are the latest incarnation of this trend. Wearing your granddad’s clothes, thrift shopping and listening to vinyl records are now perfectly normal. The concept of...


3 Must-Know Coachella Fashion Tips

People say Coachella is all about the music, but let’s be real… one of the best parts about the dreamlike Spring festival is the fashion! After all, a true Coachella veteran doesn’t just go to see their fav headliners play. They dress...