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The History of Eyeglasses and More

Alright, folks: Gather around and focus up. It’s time to clear away the mysteries of the world and talk about the history of eyeglasses! The First Recorded Vision Aids in the History of Eyeglasses Believe it or not, evidence of the human...


Sturdy Eyeglasses That Will Last

Sturdy eyeglasses are a must-have item. After all, not all of us have a Hermione Granger friend in our lives to cast oculus reparo to fix our broken eyeglasses. Nor do any of us want to end up like that guy in that Twilight Zone episode who...


Why We Need Low Bridge Glasses

We’ve all been there: You’re on the most romantic date of your life, or you’re giving your career defining presentation… and your glasses start slipping off your nose! Worry not: It’s a more common problem than you think, so there’s no need...


Unusual Glasses Frames for the Adventurous

Never be afraid to embrace the unknown. Remember: the freshest and most exciting trends of today’s fashion world all found their origins as unfamiliar concepts at first. If you truly want to let your unique style shine, being afraid to...