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Men’s Gold Frame Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

When finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses, it’s important to know that each and every frame has the potential to speak its own story. Some frames tell tales of wild beach days, while others weave stories of warmly lit pubs or libraries....


Narrow Frame Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

People with petite faces are all too aware of the plight that is finding eyeglasses or sunglasses that are the right size. For whatever reason, the fates seem to have decided that having a narrow face means you’re destined to wear glasses...


Minimalist Glasses for Your Sleek Wardrobe

Fashion experts agree: minimalist glasses are a cornerstone piece of any slim and sleek wardrobe. Through decades of style, their geometric angles and modern structure have made them the perfect expression of sophistication and class. If...


Happy National Sunglasses Day

Every year, June 27th marks the occasion to raise awareness about the importance of UV protection. This National Sunglasses Day, join the EyeBuyDirect crew as we recognize the importance of sunglasses — in terms of eye health, style points...


Wholesale Clear Lens Glasses

At EyeBuyDirect, we often get asked if we have wholesale clear lens glasses. Sometimes, people are wondering if we’re a glasses wholesaler, while other times, they’re using the term wholesale as a way to describe affordable eyeglasses. To...