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Why Everyone Needs Purple Tinted Glasses

Whether it’s for festival season or your throwback 90s look, there’s one key accessory that you never knew you were missing—purple tinted glasses. For your inspiration, we’ve put together a guide with iconic styles known for rocking...


Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!

What Kind of Mother is Yours? Is she a woman of many talents in or out of the office, kitchen, home, or any other place you can imagine? Every woman, every mother is different. They do everything to build us up into the great person they...


Introducing Our New Charity Program – Buy 1 Give 1

Imagine an old man who can no longer read his favorite books, an 8 year-old girl that cannot see her classroom’s blackboard or a little boy who can’t see his own soccer ball when he plays. What if just one action could change their...


Thick Black Glasses for the 21st Century

For that big framed retro look, there’s nothing better than a pair of thick black glasses. Whether you’re going for hipster or artsy, a pair of vintage-inspired, chunky glasses will take your style where it needs to go. But how do you know...


Big Frame Prescription Glasses Shake Things Up

Looking to shake up your style? Try making a statement with big frame prescription glasses. Oversized eyewear has been popular for years now, and is the perfect way to accent any outfit. Chunky frames can change your look in an instant,...