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Blue Glasses Frames for the Bold

Blue glasses frames stand at the very height of urban fashion. No matter the shape, the hue’s versatility makes glasses in their color stylish and suitable for a wide range of situations. Not convinced? Darker blue glasses frames match...


Pale Pink Glasses: Elegance in Subtlety

Pale pink glasses frames are all the rage today. If you don’t believe us, just look at the facts! They’ve got all the charm that comes with stylishly wearing pink, without delving into gaudy “hot pink” territory. If a fun but classy...


The Average Price for Prescription Sunglasses

Sticker shock can be an all too common symptom of shopping for a pair of affordable Rx sunglasses at the eye doctor’s. But despite the costs you see in traditional brick and mortar stores, the average price for prescription sunglasses may...


Introducing: The Best Frames Collection!

At EyeBuyDirect, we’ve designed over a 1000 glasses styles to match the unique fashion expert in you. But let’s be honest — with all of that choice, finding you best fitting frames can take some time! To make things easier, our in-house...


The History of Eyeglasses and More

Alright, folks: Gather around and focus up. It’s time to clear away the mysteries of the world and talk about the history of eyeglasses! The First Recorded Vision Aids in the History of Eyeglasses Believe it or not, evidence of the human...