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What are blue lens glasses for?

What are blue lens glasses for?

Reviewed by: Dr. Matthew Miller, OD on June 24th, 2022

Chances are, you’ve heard or read about blue lenses and how they’re the new “thing” in eyeglasses. But on the surface, ‘blue lens glasses’ can leave a lot up to the imagination as far as their purpose and benefits.

If you’re wondering what blue lens glasses are for, search no longer, friend. We’ve got the deets on blue lens glasses, sunglasses and everything in between. So, you can shop smarter, easier and (if you’re feeling bold) bluer.

What are blue lens glasses used for?

Blue lens glasses, also called blue-violet light lenses, are lenses designed to filter blue light emitted from digital screens. The lenses are equipped with a slightly-tinted coating that limits how much blue light reaches your retina.

Over time, oxidative stress caused to the retina by blue-violet light can, some studies indicate, lead to macular degeneration later in life. It’s also thought that unprotected exposure to blue-violet light can accelerate aging in the eyes. For this reason, blue lens glasses serve as a protective measure when using a computer, TV, tablet or smartphone.

Blue lens glasses are used for screen use, but their benefits aren’t limited only to when a screen is around. The coating is unnoticeable on the lenses and can be applied to most prescription strengths, so they’re easy to wear, whether or not you’re gazing at a screen.

Blue lens polarized sunglasses

Unlike the subtle of blue-violet light lensed glasses, blue lens sunglasses are quite the fashion statement. However, blue lens sunglasses can benefit you by enhancing your vision in certain environments and, of course, by drawing plenty of compliments.

A smiling woman wearing a yellow dress and blue lens sunglasses

Benefits of blue lens sunglasses

Contrary to popular belief, blue lenses can offer 100% UV protection, just like darker-tinted lenses. An added benefit of blue lenses, though, is that the color can actually calm your eyes.

Studies in psychology have shown that the color blue makes us feel more comfortable and has a calming effect on our brains.

Besides the psychological benefits, a blue tint can enhance color perception, reduce glare in snowy conditions and improve object contours. Some instances where blue tinted lenses will benefit you include:

  • Snow sports (skiing or snowboarding)  
  • Water sports (fishing, boating)
  • Outdoor leisure (either playing golf or spectating)
  •  Low visibility conditions (fog, mist or snow)

Where to get blue lens glasses

Blue lens glasses have a range of potential benefits. Most of us nowadays spend a considerable chunk of our day in front of screens, whether at work or at home. Eyebuydirect offers blue-violet light filtering technology for any eyeglasses lenses without a noticeable yellow tint. You can even get them in non-prescription lenses, making blue lens glasses available for absolutely everyone! Why not pick up a pair?

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