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What are the best blue light filtering reading glasses?

What are the best blue light filtering reading glasses?

Reviewed by: Dr. Matthew Miller, OD on June 24th, 2022

Like most things, reading glasses have adapted to the digital lifestyle nearly all of us now live. We have the opportunity to get our glasses and reading glasses equipped with lenses that filter out harmful blue light projected from digital screens.

When shopping for a new pair of readers, one may wonder what the best blue light filtering reading glasses are. Keep reading for the scoop on reading glasses with a blue light coating, including what you can use them for and what lens options are available.

Let’s get to it.

Do blue light glasses come in readers?

Yes, you can easily add blue light filtering lenses to a new pair of reading glasses; however, you cannot add the coating to your existing readers. Lenses with blue light coating are fitted to your choice of frames during the assembly of your order. 

Luckily, reading glasses are relatively inexpensive and easy to order online. So, adding the protective blue light coating to your reading glasses is affordable and straightforward, and they arrive quickly when using our two-day delivery option.

What can I use blue light readers for?

You can use blue light filtering reading glasses for anything that you would use regular reading glasses for. Choosing a blue light coating for your readers doesn’t mean you can only use them when you’re exposing your eyes to blue light.

However, blue light filtering reading glasses can be especially beneficial for certain activities, including:

  • When you’re using your phone — Blue light is emitted from digital screens, including smartphones. If you find you’re on your phone a lot, a blue light coating on your readers can reduce the amount of eyestrain you experience.
  • E-reader or tablet use — Physical books have all but been replaced by digital alternatives. While e-readers and tablets provide a convenient way to carry your library around with you, many of them project blue light. Blue light filtering reading glasses can keep your eyes comfortable for a more pleasant reading experience.
  • When you’re on the computer — Blue light doesn’t only come from portable screens. Computers also emit a level of blue light that could potentially be harmful to your eyes when exposed for prolonged periods. Wearing a pair of blue light readers while working long hours at the computer, surfing the internet or checking your emails can give your eyes a welcome layer of protection.

A woman wearing blue light filtering reading glasses looking at a phone 

What are the best blue light filtering reading glasses?

The best blue light filtering reading glasses will fit properly and magnify successfully to your particular lens strength, giving you clear vision when reading or viewing up close. To achieve the most visual clarity, it’s important to determine which kind of reading glasses you need. 

Blue light filtering bifocal reading glasses

Blue light filtering bifocal reading glasses have two different prescription powers in one lens, giving those who wear them the benefits of two pairs of glasses in one. Bifocals offer convenience because you no longer have to carry around two pairs of glasses.

Typically an adjustment period is necessary for most new bifocal wearers due to the two prescriptions in one lens. Over time, your eyes will learn to move effortlessly between the two prescriptions as you move from one task to the next. The best way to achieve this quickly is by wearing new bifocal reading glasses as often as possible, so your eyes get used to them.

Prescription reading glasses with blue light filtering lenses

You can equip any prescription reading glasses with blue light filtering lenses. The most common prescription reading lenses are progressive lenses, which merge three prescription strengths — distance, middle and close-up — seamlessly into one lens. 

Progressive lenses have gradual power changes between strengths, making it an attractive alternative to the noticeable lines of bifocal lenses. However, just like bifocals, an adjustment period is needed for progressive lenses to allow your eyes to grow accustomed.

When shopping for reading glasses, what’s most important is that you’re wearing the correct prescription strength. Readers that are too weak or too strong can strain your eyes and worsen your vision. 

Unsure exactly what strength you need? Book an appointment with your vision expert to help you find your correct power, enabling you to start shopping for a new, trendy pair of blue light filtering reading glasses.

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