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Review our Six Lens Indexes Knowing which Lens Index is right for you can be a tricky business. Our informative video explains everything so you can pick the perfect lens thickness for your prescription eyewear.

Hi, do you ever feel as if the weight of the whole world is on your nose? I think we should do something about that. It all has to do with the index, or thickness of your lenses.

All of the lenses we offer at EyeBuyDirect.com come in a variety of thickness options. Now, it may sound a little confusing, but just remember its inverse; the higher the index number, the thinner the lens.

So let’s get things in order. Let’s start with the basic, the standard lens. That lens has a thickness of 1.5 and its the type of lens that you get free with every purchase you make at eyebuydirect.com.

Next we have the Polycarbonate. This is our most durable lens. It is 10 times more impact-resistant than glass or plastic lenses. It also offers 100% UV protection. So it’s perfect for children or if you do a lot of outdoor activities.

Now let’s get thinner. The more complex your prescription, the thicker your lenses are going to be, so you might want to go with one of our thinner lenses options. We have four: Thin and Lite, Super Thin, Ultra Thin, and As Thin as Possible. Any of these would be perfect for a high power or multifocal prescription, and for anyone who still wants to enjoy a nice, comfortable light pair of glasses.

So now that you have lifted all this weight off your nose, you can now face the world with your nose and head held high. Have fun out there. Bye!

» Standard (1.5)

Standard lens (1.57)
Standard (1.5)

These conventional single vision lenses come free with all EyeBuyDirect frames and are recommended for prescriptions SPH (+/- 2.25 and below) and CYL (+/- 1.50 and below).

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» Thin and Lite (1.57)

Thin and lite lens(1.57)
Thin and Lite (1.57)

Lean and mean vision correcting machines! Thinner than 1.5 index lens, these 1.57 refractive index lenses are recommended for prescriptions SPH (+/-5.00 to +/-4.00) and CYL (+/-3.00 and below).

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» Polycarbonate (1.59)

Polycarbonate lens (1.59)
Polycarbonate (1.59)

These are our most durable and impact-resistant lenses that come complete with free UV Protection Coating. Kids and outdoor aficionados were made for these lenses. Polycarbonate 1.59 index lenses are recommended for all prescriptions.

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» Super Thin (1.6)

Super thin lens(1.6)
Super Thin (1.6)

Long gone are the days of glasses lenses as thick as bottle caps! These lenses compress high powered prescriptions to be so thin that everyone around you will be none the wiser. Super Thin 1.6 index lenses are recommended for prescriptions SPH (+/- 4.25 to +/-6.75) and CYL (+/-2.25 to +/-3.00).

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» Ultra Thin (1.67)

Ultra thin lens(1.67)')?>
Ultra Thin (1.67)

Lightweight and hyper functional, these thin lenses insure that your eyes don’t look distorted. These 1.67 refractive index lenses are recommended for prescriptions SPH (+/- 7.00 to +/- 9.00) and CYL (+/-3.25 to +/- 4.00).

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» As Thin as possible (1.74)

As thin as possible lens(1.74)
As Thin as possible (1.74)

Any thinner and they’d vanish into thin air! Our thinnest lenses can be made for the highest prescriptions sold at EyeBuyDirect. These 1.74 refractive index lenses are recommended for prescriptions SPH (+/- 9.25 above) and CYL (+/- 4.25 to +/-6.00).

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