EyeBuyDirect discount coupons

Why wait for a big sale to buy your next pair of glasses? We've got great coupons for frames and lens options every day of the week! Our coupons range from colors to genders to sunglasses options and everything in between. With such a wide variety, you're sure to find great savings. We rotate coupons every week, so check back often. Just be sure to enter the coupon code at checkout to get your discount.

  • 50% off Tinted Lenses

    Shield your gaze with some tinted lenses – turn any frame into sunglasses and save 50% off the tint lenses with code WCTINT

    50% off Tinted Lenses
    Expire Date: July 5th, 2015
  • 15% Off Men's Frames

    For the best dapper deal, use code WCMEN15 to save 15% off our extensive collection of classic and modern men's frames

    15% Off Men's Frames
    Expire Date: July 5th, 2015
  • Free UV Protective Coating

    Enjoy the radiant rays and stay protected with a complementary UV protective coating on your lenses – use code WCUVCOATING

    Free UV Protective Coating
    Expire Date: July 5th, 2015
  • 10% off our Computer Package

    Block blue light transmission and enhance your experience in front of the screen with our computer package – get 10% off with code WCCOMPUTER

    10% off our Computer Package
    Expire Date: July 5th, 2015