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Night Driving Glasses: What is the Best Way to Drive at Night?

Night driving glasses are a type of specially made eyewear. They are worn just like any other pair of glasses, but are equipped with a heavily tinted yellow lens. These yellow glasses have been commonly advertised as night driving aids, going off of the logic that their bright tint can help you see more clearly in the darkness. However: Are they all that they’re cracked up to be?

The Night Driving Glasses Myth

When night driving glasses first arrived on the market more than a decade ago, they were introduced as a solution to the dangers of long night-time rides. After all, travelling at night can be a challenge even for professional drivers. They enjoyed lukewarm popularity at that time, but after years of research it has been revealed that they aren’t as helpful as you might imagine. In fact, it has been proven that their usage during driving can potentially do more harm than good.

Why You Should Avoid Night Driving Glasses

The whole basis behind night driving glasses is that their heavy yellow tint can brighten your view at night and reduce the possibility of dangerous glares affecting your vision. However, using ANY kind of color-tinted lenses can be dangerous while driving. Don’t believe us? Consider how large of a role color plays in your average driving experience Red lights, green lights, yellow traffic markers, and other important signs are all designed to catch your attention and keep you safe. However, if everything that you see is tinted yellow, you run the possibility of making a wrong decision at a stop light or even worse: getting into an accident.

Polarized night driving glasses are common. However, they come with one large drawback: When you look on the market, the standard pair of night driving glasses you’ll encounter won’t accommodate prescriptions. In short, most of them offer no vision correction at all! The ones that do are very overpriced. Under the overhyped promises of  “night vision” qualities, you can expect prescription night driving glasses to cost an extravagant amount.

night driving glasses - three glasses

Aura in Champagne, Shade in Champagne, and Daphne in Tortoise

What is the best way to drive at night?

Contrary to what night driving glasses manufacturers would like you to believe, the best way to improve your night driving experience is to simply get clear anti glare glasses. Instead of a potentially dangerous yellow tint, anti-glare glasses are simply designed to keep your vision clear and haze-free during both night driving conditions and during the day time.

At EyeBuyDirect, you can find a pair that will suit you well not only on the road, but anywhere you go! The best part? They don’t come with that gaudy visor look that so many night driving glasses seem to come in. In fact, you can customize each and every one of our 1000s of styles with an anti glare lens.

So what are you waiting for? Instead of chasing miracle products, get something that you know will work. Any frame at EyeBuyDirect can be customized to have an anti glare lens. Check out our catalog of eyeglasses today and find your perfect pair.

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