Lenses and Coatings

Explore our Ten Lens Coatings Our ten Lens Coatings allow you to make your glasses as unique as you are. Watch our video to learn which coatings are right for you and your prescription eyeglasses.

Hi there, today we’re going to talk about coating. Coating is really important if you want to improve the durability and comfort of your glasses.

Now every frame that you buy at EyeBuyDirect.com is going to come with ‘Anti-Scrach’ coating. This is going to keep your glasses looking nicer longer. But there are many other options to choose from. Let’s look at a few.

The first one would be ‘Anti Glare.’ Anti-Glare reduces the amount of glare that bounces off of your glasses, so you don’t blind your friends. They’re also good if you work with computer a lot or drive at night.

Next we have the water repellant coating. What this does is it helps water to slide easily off your glasses so it doesn’t stain them. It’s kind of like a built-in windshield wiper for your glasses. It also prevents fingerprint stains and dirt stains.

Now, I enjoying sun as much as the next girl, but we all know that is causes damage to your skin and to your eyes. This is why UV coating is really important. It’s like sunscreen for your eyes, and helps keep them protected even in bright light.

If you do a lot of reading or close work outside or in strong sunlight, then you might want to consider Gradient Tint. Gradient tinting is darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. So if you look up, it’s like having a pair of sunglasses, but if you look down, it’s just as clear as normal glasses.

Now let’s check out this coating called Photochromic. When exposed to UV lights, it becomes darker, while remaining clear. When you’re in dimmer lights, it becomes clear glass. It also provides the best UV protection for your eyes. Highly recommended are our original trademark Transitions, light-adjusting lenses.  

When exposed to UV rays, this coating becomes dark while otherwise clear. It also provides the best UV protection for your eyes.

Finally, if you are here to purchase prescription sunglasses, you might want to consider color tinting. We have brown, green, grey, purple and blue and they come in shades of 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%. We recommend 60%.

Now that your eyes are protected, you can check out our other tutorials on lens type and lens thickness. That’s all for now. Bye!

  • Anti-Scratch

    Anti-scratch coating Learn more...

    Free with all EyeBuyDirect glasses! Anti-Scratch coating protects against the normal wear and tear. No glasses are invincible, but this coating defends against drops and tumbles.

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  • Anti-Glare

    Anti-glare coating Learn more...

    The only reflections you'll see are in a mirror! Anti-Glare covering reduces reflections caused from computers, roads, and more.

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  • Premium Water

    Premium water repellant coating Learn more...

    Water Repellent Coating keeps water drops, dirt, and smudges off your lens. Lenses with this premium coating stay sparkling for nearly twice as long.

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  • UV Protection

    UV coating Learn more...

    UV Protection Coating keeps harmful UV rays from damaging your eyes. This invisible coating works like sunscreen for your eyes. FREE with Polycarbonate (1.59) Lenses!

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  • Color Tint

    Color tint Learn more...

    Make your own sunglasses with color tint! Choose from six colors and four strengths. This tint cannot be applied with Polarized or Photochromic lenses.

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  • Gradient Tint

    Gradient tint Learn more...

    Gradient tint starts with a dark upper lens that becomes a lighter lower lens. Gradient is only applicable on frames above 36mm in height and cannot be applied with other sunwear options.

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  • Polarized

    Polarized lens Learn more...

    This safety coating reduces the annoying- and dangerous- reflections from water and roads. Polarized coating cannot be applied with Color Tint, Gradient Tint, or Photochromic lenses.

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  • Photochromic

    Photochromic light-adjusting Learn more...

    This coating darkens and lightens according to exposure to sunlight, becoming dark outdoors and clear indoors. This option cannot be applied with other sunwear options. Transitions™ lenses are also Photochromic.

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  • Computer lens

    Computer lens Learn more...

    Computer Lens protects you against Blue High Energy Visible Light emitted by LED screens (TVs, Computers, tablets, smartphones...) which is the major cause of eye strain.

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  • Mirrored Lens

    Mirrored Lens Learn more...

    Mirrored Lenses serve the function of sunglasses with a little extra flash. This reflective coating comes in Gold, Silver, and Blue and cannot be applied with other sunglasses options.

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