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Anti Reflective Coating on Glasses: Must Know Facts

Anti Reflective Coating on Glasses: Must Know Facts

Glasses are meant to provide vision correction. Everyone knows that, but why stop there? By putting an anti reflective (also known as anti glare) coating on your glasses lens, you can enjoy more than just traditional vision clarity — you can even block out annoying (and potentially dangerous) light hazes and glares. Believe it or not, this can mean the difference between having eagle-eye vision and squinting all the time. Read on to discover whether anti-glare glasses are worth it for you.

What Is An Anti Reflective Coating?

Also commonly known as an “anti-glare coating”, these coatings protect your vision from irregular lighting conditions. They have zero influence on your prescription, but can play a big role in keeping your eyesight crystal clear and reducing the chance of pesky eyestrain.

Are Anti-Glare Glasses Worth It?

Putting an anti reflective coating on your glasses lenses is not necessary, but it does provide a whole suite of great benefits. For example, their use as anti-glare night driving glasses is one of the main reasons for their popularity. By filtering out the harsh glares of other cars’ headlights, they ensure a safer journey for both everyday commuters and professional drivers. On top of this, their use as computer glasses is also popular due to their ability to filter out the harmful blue light from digital screens.

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The Standard Anti Reflective Coating Can:

  • Effectively eliminate irregular light reflections
  • Make your glasses lenses look near-invisible, which makes them more fashionable
  • Repel water, which makes for easier cleaning and less water smudges
  • Filter computer light to an extent

Anti Reflective Coating Costs

Depending on where you shop, customizing your prescription lenses with an anti reflective coating can cost you as much $250. However, at Eyebuydirect you can purchase prescription glasses equipped with an anti reflective coating for as low as $15. By delivering your frames straight to your doorstep, we get to save on manufacturing costs and YOU get to save on your next pair of frames.

How to Clean Glasses with Anti Reflective Coating

Cleaning glasses with this coating requires a slightly different process than cleaning normal glasses. The only difference is that you should ONLY use cleaning sprays/solutions that your optometrist recommends. If you use dish washing detergent or some other kind of household cleaner, you risk deteriorating and lessening the coating’s quality. Want to learn more about the different coatings we have? Take a look here!

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