Reviewed by: Dr. Matthew Miller, OD on May 6th, 2020

Properly cleaning your eyeglasses will keep them scratch-free and looking new. While quick and convenient, using tissues or your shirt to clean spots off your eyeglasses actually makes micro-abrasions that lead to scratched looking glasses lenses. Instead, use warm water, soap, and special cleaning cloths to remove spots and prevent scratches while cleaning eyeglasses. To help you on your cleaning journey, EyeBuyDirect has put together some helpful dos and don'ts of cleaning your eyeglasses.

What is the right way to clean your eyeglasses?

  • Remove any dust or debris from your glasses

    This is an important step you should always take before wiping your eyeglasses with a cloth. Anything that's on the surface of your lens may end up scratching it once you apply pressure to clean off smudges and spots. To clean off any loose particles on your lenses, either rinse them under water or blow off your glasses before wiping.

  • Use warm water and soap

    When you have the time, using water and some soap is one of the best ways to clean the smudges and dust off your eyeglasses. Start by washing your hands to get them nice and clean. Then rinse your glasses lenses under running water to flush away any dust and debris. After that, apply a bit of dish soap to your lenses and clean your lenses by gently rubbing them between your thumb and index finger. To keep your lenses from getting streaks, make sure to dry them off with a microfiber cloth.

  • Eyeglasses cleaner and glasses wipes

    If you're out and about, then running water and soap may not be too easy to come by. This is where a small bottle of eyeglass cleaning solution or prepackaged glasses wipes come in handy. These sprays and wipes have special formulas designed to clean off any oil and schmutz from your lenses without damaging their coatings. As always, make sure to use a microfiber cloth to clean the solution off your lenses to avoid scratches.

  • Cleaning your glasses frames

    A lot of people overlook cleaning their eyeglasses frames. Oil from your skin and debris can build up around your lenses and on your frame, giving your glasses a rundown, smudgy look. Make sure you take the time to occasionally clean them with warm water and soap. Run them underwater first, to wash away any large particles. Then apply some soap to your fingers and gently rub down your glasses frame in order to remove any unsightly grime. If your eyeglasses frames have adjustable nose pads, make sure to get in all those nooks and crannies.

What are the mistakes people make when cleaning their eyeglasses?

  • Wiping your glasses lenses with tissues

    Using paper products like tissues, paper towels, or napkins to clean glasses is a pretty common mistake. Despite feeling soft on your face, they actually quite abrasive since they're made from wood pulp. So when you use a tissue or paper towel to clean your glasses, these particles make tiny scratches in the surface of your lenses and your lens coating.

  • Cleaning your eyeglasses with your shirt

    It's quick, convenient, and doesn't look like you're doing any damage to your lenses, so why not? Getting a smudge off your lens with your shirt or sweater may work if your clothing is 100% cotton, but other types or blends of fabric can scratch your lenses unless it's specifically designed for cleaning eyeglasses.

  • Eyeglasses cleaner and glasses wipes

    Despite being called glasses, almost all modern eyeglasses don't actually use glass. Instead, they use lightweight plastic lenses and protective coatings. Cleaning products for glass often contain ammonia, which aside from being dangerous to put near your eyes, will strip away any of the coatings you may have on your lenses.

    Remember, cleaning your eyeglasses properly can keep them looking like new. To help make sure that you can properly clean your glasses, EyeBuyDirect includes a high-quality, microfiber cloth with all of our glasses. This cloth is specially designed to treat the surface of your lenses gently, keeping them scratch-free. Worried about scratches on your glasses lenses? Check out our guide on how to remove scratches on your eyeglasses.