If you wear eyeglasses or sunnies, it’s important to keep ‘em looking as good as new. That’s because you either need them to correct your vision, block harmful UV rays, or need a premium lens coating for enhanced vision.

Considering you wear your pair for most of the day and touch them regularly, a simple daily clean is a wise move! But, even when they’re not nestled nicely on your nose, dust and dirt from tables and worktops can also play a part — which means your eyewear’s always in need of attention.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Your Eyeglasses?

If you don’t know the answer to that yet, it probably means you’ve been doing what you think is best for your eyewear in terms of keeping them clean.

By using clothes and other materials like tissues to wipe your lenses, there’s a danger of causing more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of keeping your eyewear spotless. Read on for our quick and easy guide to cleaning up your eyewear act — and never look back!

  • 1. Wash Your Hands!

    This sounds obvious, but it’s more important than ever to wash your hands (even at the best of times you should put a focus on personal hygiene).. It’s the same when it comes to cleaning your glasses – the first step you should take, before turning attention to your pair, is washing your hands thoroughly. Making sure your mitts are free of muck will mean you aren’t adding more grubby marks to your glasses.

  • 2. Remove Any Dust or Grease from Your Glasses

    Once you’ve washed and dried your hands, the coast will be clear to move on to your glasses. Before you start, look for any grease or grime that could be on the frames, or dust that could end up scratching your lenses. Then you’ll be ready to rinse them with water. And yes, it does it matter what temperature you use — but should it be cold, warm, or hot water? Good question.

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  • 3. Use Warm Water and Soap to Clean (You Can Use Dish Soap!)

    When rinsing your glasses, keep it simple and use lukewarm tap water with soap (dish soap is perfectly fine to use!). Apply a small amount to each side of the lenses and frames, while gently rubbing lathering for a minute or two. Once done, you’ll be serving up fresh looks in no time!

  • Eyeglasses Cleaner or Soap?

    Of course, specialist eye care cleaning solution spray is the most effective at cleaning your glasses — but as mentioned, dishwashing liquid soap is a good alternative. Basically, any lotion-free liquid soap will do the trick.

  • 4. Rinse Your Glasses

    Continue to gently rub the soap around your pair for a minute or two before rinsing them off with lukewarm water. Once all the soap is off your frame, give them a little shake and get ready to dry them off.

  • 5. Clean and Dry Your Lenses, Nose Pads and Temples with a Microfiber Cloth

    The best way to dry your glasses is with a microfiber cloth, which is more appropriate than your average cleaning cloths lying around the house. By using other fabrics which aren’t suitable for your eyewear you could end up scratching your glasses.

    If you don’t yet own a microfiber cloth, it’s worth noting that they come with all of our premium eyeglass cases, which you can add on to any order (one per pair) you make. With a range of colors and materials to choose from, our cases are another perfect way of keeping your glasses clean when you aren’t wearing them.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning

There are certain things to steer clear of when cleaning your eyeglasses. These include:

  • Paper towels

  • Tissues

  • Clothing

  • Products with acetone

  • Any rough fabrics

Using anything other than a proper eyeglasses cleaning cloth can cause micro-abrasions on your lenses.That will cause them to lose their sharp focus and become hazy over time. So remember, you might love your favorite item of clothing, but it doesn’t mean they make great eyeglass cleaners! Microfiber is the way to go.

Another thing to avoid is thinking saliva will help your lenses – it won’t. It’s much more likely to be the spitting image of a disaster when it comes to cleaning your eyewear. In fact, you’ll effectively be doing the opposite of cleaning your glasses. While it may feel like a tempting solution because of its convenience, it’ll probably make your lenses look worse, not to mention the hygienic reasons why this isn’t a good idea (saliva = germs). Best stick with soap.

How to Clean Sunglasses

So, now that you’ve got a better idea about how to keep your eyeglasses squeaky clean, it’s a good time to look at sunglasses. And guess what? It’s a very similar process to the one we just took you through.

First, rinse your sunnies in some lukewarm water, then gently rub some mild soap over the frames and lenses, before drying them with a microfiber cloth. Your shades should be as good as new after following these three easy steps — you’ll be ready to saunter off into the sunset knowing your pair is back on point.

What You Should Know About Lens Coatings and Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning glasses with lens coatings such as polarized or mirrored, it’s good to know what to do so you don’t end up damaging or scratching your lenses. If you clean your lenses daily, it can help them last longer — and naturally, keeping them spotless helps you see better.

So, how do you clean your lenses if they have a special premium coating on them, like polarized, mirrored, or anti-reflective? Well, you’re probably noticing a theme here but the answer is the same as how you clean your eyeglasses or sunglasses — simply with liquid soap, warm water, and a microfiber cloth.

Does Frame Material Matter?

Every frame is different in the eyewear world, which means cleaning yours will be a unique experience with every pair you own. Thin metal or rimless styles will need a lighter touch than a chunky acetate build, so your rinsing and wiping techniques should vary by frame. But in terms of process, follow the same steps outlined above for best results.

So the next time you try on, take off, or buy a new pair of glasses, show ‘em some eye care by cleaning them regularly — and doing it right!