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How long do transition lenses work?

Light adjusting lenses are great for many things, like driving, working on the computer, and an active outdoor lifestyle, to name a few. Simply put, they’re a perfectly convenient choice for everyday wear — thanks to their premium photochromic technology that darkens or lightens your lenses within seconds (yes, seconds!). 

How do transition lenses work, you ask? When exposed to UV light, transition lenses will darken immediately. The rate at which they change will depend on a few things, such as temperature, time of day, and the amount of light. As soon as UV light is no longer present, the lenses will return to clear. Cool, right?

Now that you’re intrigued, you may be wondering about the lifespan of transition lenses. How long will they work? Will they fade over time? Will they need to be replaced? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 


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So, how long do transition lenses work? 

Transition lenses are designed to last as long as a pair of traditional prescription eyewear — about two years before they need to be replaced, similar to the lifetime of your vision prescription (could they be more convenient?). After about two years of constant wear, you might notice they don’t get as clear indoors or as dark outdoors. This means it’s time for a replacement and most likely time for a prescription check-up! 

With transition lenses, you get all the benefits of traditional prescription eyewear, plus UV light protection built right in! One pair of glasses, two functions, and all-day, everyday convenience. Seriously, what’s not to love? Take a look at the transition lenses we have in our eyewear shop and see the difference!


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