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What are transitions lenses good for?

What are transitions lenses good for?

If you wear prescription glasses, then you’ve probably considered transitions lenses — and if not, we’d like to share a few good reasons why you should.


Are Photochromic Lenses Good for Eyes?

Transitions lenses — also known as photochromic lenses or light-adjusting lenses — are a great alternative to switching back and forth between sunglasses and eyeglasses. Not only are they convenient and cost-effective, but their ability to adapt to different lighting can also benefit your eyesight too.

See below for our top 4 reasons to try transitions lenses. 

A man wearing glasses with dark transition lenses

What are Transitions Lenses Good for?

As mentioned earlier, transitions lenses are extremely convenient. Picture this: You’re cruisin’ in your car and the sun comes shining through your windshield. What do you do? With transitions lenses, you can just keep driving. The lenses will adjust to the light and make it easier for you to see the road — way better (and way safer) than trying to reach around for your sunglasses. And speaking of trying to find glasses, one pair of eyewear is much easier to keep track of than two. 


Do Transitions Block UV Rays? 

Transitions lenses work well to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and not only that — they do it in seconds. Step outside and enjoy the sun safely, and stylishly. With light-adjusting technology more advanced than ever, you no longer have to worry about that awkward adjustment period lingering on your lenses. 


Do Transitions Lenses Filter Blue Light?

Light adaptive transitions lenses filter blue light, they’re actually great for computer work. Along with blocking 100% of UVA & UVB light both indoors and outdoors, they also shield your eyes from harmful blue light exposure caused by excessive screen time. So go ahead, wear your transitions lenses while working on the computer or scrolling through your phone! They can only help. 

A woman smiling wearing glasses with transition lenses

Are Transitions Lenses Good for Night Driving?

Transitions lenses have come a long way. Gone are the days of limited choices, average styles, and sacrificing form for function. Now you can find the perfect frame, lens, and tint for a truly customized pair of eyewear, day or night — just as they work well in sunny conditions, they’ll remain clear when in dark or dim light. 

And if that wasn’t enough, most of our 2,000 frame options are compatible with light-adjusting lenses — so you know you’ll be able to find something you love. Head over to our eyewear shop and make the transitions to light-adjusting lenses today!


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