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How to Fix Bent Glasses Quickly

How to Fix Bent Glasses Quickly

It happens to the best of us. You put your glasses down for just a minute and … crunch. Whether you sit on them, step on them, or your kids get ahold of them, glasses get damaged for a whole slew of reasons. 

But don’t fret! And don’t order brand-new glasses yet either. If you love your specs, it’s possible there will be a way to fix them. So get ready to learn how to fix your bent or crooked glasses (or in some cases, your crooked sunglasses).

A bent frame can usually be unbent. It may just take some time, patience, and a little TLC. Glasses are an investment and we don’t want to see yours thrown in the garbage. Although a professional repair is always best, visiting a vision center may be more trouble and money than it’s worth.

If you’re going full-DIY for minor repairs, read on for our top tips on how to straighten and fix those bent glasses.

Note: For completely broken glasses, you’ll probably need to see an optician for a frame repair. Depending on the damage, they may tell you that it’s time for a new glasses frame.

An infographic showing how to fix bent eyeglasses

Figure Out What Needs to Be Fixed

The first thing to determine is what’s bothering you about your glasses. Sometimes it’s obvious. Other times you’ll know they’re bent because they don’t fit correctly on your face, but you can’t tell exactly what needs an adjustment.

There’s an easy solution for this. Place your glasses on a table or other flat surface and see which side is up in the air. Take note, because this is the side that needs to be adjusted.

During the process, if you notice that a nose pad or one of the hinges is out of place, you may be able to repair this yourself. Grab a glasses repair kit and use one of the included screwdrivers to tighten the hinge or adjust the nose pad as needed.

If the nose pads are worn down, you might consider replacing them altogether — don’t worry, they’re inexpensive! But if a hinge feels as though it is beyond a home repair, you should probably take your frames to an optician near you.


Easy Does It 

Before you set out to fix bent glasses, make sure you know what kind of problem you’re dealing with. Depending on the type of glasses you have, and if they have prescription lenses, they may have cost quite a bit. 

If you try to force your frames back into shape, you may end up snapping them accidentally. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be gentle and don’t use excessive force.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure.
  • Avoid quick, jerky movements.

Most of the pressure you apply only needs to be concentrated on the nosepiece. If that doesn’t work, there are different methods you can try depending on the frame material (metal or plastic).


How to Fix Bent Glasses with Metal Frames

To repair glasses with a metal frame, there are two things you’ll need: soft, plastic-tipped pliers and a thin piece of cloth. Once you’ve got them, try these steps:

  1. Place a thin cloth over the glasses to prevent them from getting damaged. This could be a handkerchief or a cloth napkin.
  2. Make sure the cloth is unwrinkled so you can see how the glasses bend underneath it.
  3. Position the pliers over the bent section of the frames.
  4. As you adjust the glasses, hold them securely with the pliers but not so tight that you may cause additional damage.
  5. Try them on to see if they fit properly. If not, continue to straighten as needed.


How to Straighten Plastic Frames

When eyewear retailers adjust plastic frames, they usually use a box filled with warm sand. This heats the plastic and makes it pliable without melting it. If you have sand you can use, that’s perfect. But most people don’t, so you probably need to use a different method. 

To fix your plastic glasses, all you need is warm water or steam. Then follow these steps:

  1. Fill a shallow bowl with warm water, ensuring the temperature is not too hot. If it’s too hot for you to touch, it’s too hot for a plastic frame.
  2. Place your glasses in the bowl of warm water, hold them under a stream of hot water, or use steam. The frames need to be exposed to the warmth for between 30 seconds and one minute.
  3. Once sufficiently heated, the frames will be especially fragile.
  4. Hold the glasses steady as your thumbs make minor adjustments. Apply pressure a little bit at a time.
  5. Try the frames on to check your progress. If they still need some work, warm the plastic and try again.


How to Fix Broken Lenses

A broken lens is a different ball game. Cracks in your lenses can impair your vision, and loose lens pieces can be a danger to your eyes and the skin around them. Don’t risk an eye injury or distraction in your field of vision — replace shattered or damaged lenses as soon as possible.

You may be able to repair a scratched lens though. There are many home remedies out there, including baking soda pastes and even applying toothpaste to your lenses — but not all of these solutions are reliable or safe to use. Some can even cause further damage. We recommend taking your scratched lenses to a professional to assess possible repairs.


How Much Is an Eyeglasses Repair?

The cost for repairing broken or bent eyeglasses varies based on the type and amount of damage present. Minor, uncomplicated repairs are often available for $50 or less at optical stores and eye care practices. Some small repairs may even be offered for free.

If your glasses can’t be fixed, buying a new pair will likely cost more than most repair costs.


Tips for Protecting Your Glasses

While it’s not always possible to keep your glasses in perfect condition, there are several things you can do to prevent damage to your frames and lenses. We recommend that you:

  • Store your glasses in an appropriate case when you aren’t wearing them — don’t put them directly in your handbag or pocket. 
  • Don’t sleep in your glasses.
  • Handle your frames with care.
  • Look before you sit — sitting on your glasses can cause irreversible damage.
  • Keep your glasses out of reach of pets and young children.

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Stock Up on Stylish Glasses

Sometimes it’s not enough to know how to fix bent glasses. When frame adjustments don’t work, it may be time to replace your frames.

If your glasses can’t be fixed, you may be disappointed, but there’s another simple solution. Eyebuydirect sells stylish frames at prices that can’t be beat. Plus, we offer 14-Day Free Returns for those who are a little hesitant about buying glasses online. Every pair of our glasses also comes with a 365-Day Guarantee.

Don’t let bent glasses keep you from superior style. Browse our extensive glasses catalog and stock up on frames you love. If you need prescription lenses, see your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam and updated eyeglasses prescription before you order.


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