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Do Aviators Look Good on Everyone?

Do Aviators Look Good on Everyone?

If you’ve ever wondered whether aviator glasses look good on everyone, it’s probably because the frame is a design classic that’s never gone out of style and has caught your eye time and time again over the years! With familiar features like oversized lenses, double nose bridge, and unique temple arms, the silhouette is one that’s gone the distance on the fashion runway and continues to soar.


A woman with curly brown hair wearing aviator sunglasses

Good Vibrations, in black


But do aviators REALLY look good on everyone? Like, besides Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, you mean? Great question. The beauty of a forever frame like the aviator is that it’s a style that suits just about any face shape and brings out your best features to act as a perfect pair of specs and fashion accessory. 

If it’s a head-turning look you’re after, the aviator is a first-class option for high-flying style. But the fact that the frame can be bought in so many variations – including different colors and customizable lenses – means it’s just as versatile as it is iconic. And if it’s more than metal you’re feeling, our aviator glasses are available in a range of acetate styles offering timeless looks with a twist.

A woman with blonde hair wearing aviator sunglasses


So Why do Aviators Look Good on Everyone?

If you’re still wondering why aviators look good on everyone, it’s probably because they’re one of the most iconic silhouettes ever made and have adapted over the years to suit new fashion trends. Ever since the style was piloted in the aviation industry in the late ‘30s, it’s a pair of glasses that hasn’t looked back and continues to wing its way to the top of the style ranks.

So, why is that different than any other frame style that’s stuck around and remained oh-so popular over the years? Maybe it’s because the silhouette is simultaneously super unique, yet super soft — it lacks the sharp angles of shapes like square and cat-eye, while also not being clearly in the circle or oval camp. With forgiving edges and a gentle tear drop effect, it looks equally iconic on both men and women, no matter their face shape. The aviator may well have the coolest top bar in the eyewear game but the bottom line is that the full frame, name, and style is unmistakably awesome!

If you’re still not convinced you’ll look great in a pair, check out our recent Take Flight collection and pick a first-class frame and lens combo that’ll land you endless compliments. The range includes epic styles updated and upgraded for a new era so jump on board and prepare your style for take off.


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