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Glare Reducing Lenses: Understanding Their Uses

There are two main types of glare reducing lenses for eyewear: lenses with an anti-reflective coating and polarized lenses. Both help to prevent glare in their own way. Glare reducing lenses can improve vision clarity, help people see...


Active Eyewear: Durable and Stylish

First thing’s first, the term “active eyewear” doesn’t necessarily mean having to look like a nerd wearing swimming goggle type glasses to play badminton. It also doesn’t necessarily mean slapping on a pair of glasses worn by...


Free PD Measurement Tool — Easy to Use & Download

Ordering glasses online almost always requires your PD — your pupillary distance. If you don’t know what is, your PD is a number that tells the distance in millimeters between your left and right pupils.If your PD isn’t listed on your...


Who Created Glasses and How They’ve Evolved

Ah, glasses — the modern reader’s greatest companion and the fashionista’s best accessory. While many believe that it was Founding Father Benjamin Franklin who created glasses for the first time, he is actually credited with only inventing...


Affordable Quality Sunglasses Under $69

However you frame it, buying sunglasses from brick and mortar stores can be pricey. And cheap sunglasses from a kiosk don’t come close to offering you the quality you want. So: What do you do when you don’t want to sacrifice your wallet for...