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Finding the Perfect Glasses Store

People like to compare eyeglasses stores in order to find the lowest prices, the best quality, and the closest ones to their house. However, after a bit of research you’ll soon realize that’s not necessary at all.  Fun fact: if you’re...


Celebrity Eyeglasses: The Best Specs!

As much as we love the Emmys, Oscars, and Golden Globes, there’s sadly no awards for celebrity eyeglasses… until now! This isn’t some “best of” listicle for who wore what to whichever awards ceremony. No, this is EyeBuyDirect’s first...


Floral Sunglasses: Summertime Flower Power

Floral sunglasses have long been a go-to for women’s sunglasses styles. What makes a pair of sunglasses “floral”? When talking about frame patterns, floral is used as a catch-all term for patterns that are not quite striped and not quite...


Leopard Sunglasses for Men

Fashion is a game of constants. While it’s true that its players are always on the lookout for the next new thing, it can’t help but always return to the classics. When it comes to iconic looks, leopard sunglasses for men are in no...


Night Driving Glasses: What is the Best Way to Drive at Night?

Night driving glasses are a type of specially made eyewear. They are worn just like any other pair of glasses, but are equipped with a heavily tinted yellow lens. These yellow glasses have been commonly advertised as night driving aids,...