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Wholesale Clear Lens Glasses

At EyeBuyDirect, we often get asked if we have wholesale clear lens glasses. Sometimes, people are wondering if we’re a glasses wholesaler, while other times, they’re using the term wholesale as a way to describe affordable eyeglasses. To...


Silver Mirror Sunglasses: A Flash of Style

Silver mirror sunglasses stand at the very pinnacle of sleek sunwear. Don’t trust us? Just take a look around you. On a sunny day, you can see them being worn nearly everywhere you go. Anyone from your local hiker buddy to your fashionista...


Happy National Selfie Day, 2018!

Happy National Selfie Day, from EyeBuyDirect! ____________ selfie ˈselfē/ noun “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone and shared via social media.” ____________ Historians say that the first recorded...


Blue Mirror Sunglasses for Every Occasion

Do you have a case of early onset summer blues? Well, there’s only one cure: more blue! More specifically, a new pair of blue mirror sunglasses! One of the best things about mirrored sunglasses is that they transcend trends and have long...


Female Glasses for the Fashion Forward

Shopping for a pair of female glasses can be confusing. Where do you start? There are so many styles out there, so many colors, so many choices to make! But fear not: we’ve put together a four step plan to help you choose the right pair of...