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Big Frame Prescription Glasses Shake Things Up

Looking to shake up your style? Try making a statement with big frame prescription glasses. Oversized eyewear has been popular for years now, and is the perfect way to accent any outfit. Chunky frames can change your look in an instant,...


Plastic Frames with Nose Pads

When it comes to plastic frames with nose pads, some people often have the misconception that they’re the most “basic” option available. Truth is, glasses made out of plastic are just as fashionable (and affordable!) than eyewear made out...


The Best Men’s Optical Frames

Men’s optical frames come in a variety of frame shapes, styles, and colors. To you find the right pair, it’s best to think about what kind of look you want to achieve. Are you looking for some optical frames to smarten up your office...


The Best Sunglasses for Men 2018

If you’re scratching your head about what your next pair of sunglasses should look like, don’t worry: our top experts at EyeBuyDirect have got the best sunglasses for men 2018 right here. Take a look below to check out our forecast for this...


Best Sunglasses for Women 2018

So, what are the best sunglasses for women 2018? When shopping for sunglasses, it can be overwhelming just how much choice there is. What style should you chose? What color? What materials and what finish? To make things a little easier for...