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Reading Glasses for Computer Use

If the term reading glasses for computer use sounds a bit confusing, then you’re not alone. It’s a phrase that’s chock-full of several different terms and is more than likely referring to one several of different types of eyewear. While...


Old Fashioned Eyeglasses: The Classics

Infuse some vintage charm into your style with a pair of old fashioned eyeglasses. Thanks to a steady hipster subculture influence, thrift shopping and vintage fashion are now immensely popular. Old school cool is easier to achieve than...


Single Vision Transition Lenses 101

Glasses with single vision transition lenses are for people who are nearsighted or farsighted. Transition lenses—also known as photochromic lenses, light adjusting lenses, or by the brand name Transitions—change from normal glasses indoors,...


Women’s Eyeglasses for Gray Hair: Get the Perfect Pair

Believe it or not, gray hair is having a moment. Women are beginning to wear their gray hair as symbols of elegance and pride, instead of dying it away. Metallic shades of gray, from dark gunmetal to silvery white, are fantastically...


Are Rimless Glasses Out of Style?

Ah, rimless eyeglasses. Believe it or not, what used to be the cornerstone of eyewear fashion back in the day is now experiencing an interesting rut in today’s style-conscious world. Trapped between being a niche statement one minute and a...