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How to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up

How to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up

If you wear glasses, you’re probably no stranger to the frustration and inconvenience of foggy lenses. Whether you’re wearing a mask or moving from cold weather into a warm room, foggy glasses can hinder your vision and become a source of annoyance. 

Fortunately, there are ways to combat this problem so you can maintain constant clear vision in your designer eyewear. Below, we explore helpful ways to keep your glasses from fogging up so you can see better and feel more comfortable.

A man in a colorful sweater adjusting his glasses

Why Do Glasses Fog Up?

Before discussing solutions, it’s important to understand why glasses fog up in the first place. Fogging occurs when there’s a temperature difference between the lenses and the surrounding environment.

For example, when warm air comes into contact with the cool surface of your eyeglass lenses, it condenses into tiny water droplets. This is why your glasses fog up if you go from a cold building out into the heat on a summer day, or from a warm room out into the cold on a snowy winter day. 

Wearing a mask with glasses can also cause fog. In this case, the warm, humid air from your breath escapes from your mask and reaches your cooler lenses. This results in condensation and fogged-up lenses.

Factors like humidity, air movement, and temperature changes all contribute to lens fogging.


How to Wear Glasses with a Mask

It’s more common now for people to wear face masks in public to prevent the spread of colds and viruses. Though wearing a mask can be beneficial for your health (and the health of those around you), it can also cause your glasses to fog up. 

Ensuring that your mask fits properly may help reduce this issue. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Wear a mask that fits well – A face mask should fit snugly across your nose and cheeks. This prevents warm air from escaping and creating condensation on your lenses. Masks with a built-in wire along the bridge of the nose are especially helpful.

A black and white picture of a man wearing a face mask and eyeglasses

  • Adjust your mask as needed – Some masks come with adjustable ear loops. The CDC recommends securing your mask using the “knot and tuck” method. To do this, you tie each ear loop in a knot to shorten it, then tuck any excess material into your mask. 
  • Try a mask extender – If your existing mask isn’t working, a mask extender may help. These devices are worn behind your head to reduce pressure on your ears. They also create a more secure fit overall.

A man wearing eyeglasses putting on a face mask

Some people also find that certain kinds of tape can be used to secure their mask to their face and prevent air from escaping. If you want to try this, look for a tape labeled as skin-sensitive or skin-safe.


How to Prevent Glasses from Fogging Up

There are numerous ways to avoid fogging on your glasses, from special coatings to wipes and shaving cream. Here are some of your options:


Anti-Fog Coatings

One of the most effective ways to prevent glasses from fogging is the use of anti-fog coatings. They create a thin barrier to reduce condensation and help you maintain clear vision. These coating formulas are available online and at most optical stores. You can easily apply the coating yourself — your glasses don’t have to be made with this type of coating included. 

Another option is to order your next pair of glasses with a water-repellent coating like the one we offer at Eyebuydirect. This won’t completely block fog from forming, but it should help keep your lenses clearer than if they didn’t have the coating.


Anti-Fog Wipes, Cloths, and Sprays

If you prefer a portable and immediate solution, you can try using individually wrapped anti-fog wipes for your glasses. These products come in small handy packages that you can carry around in your pocket or bag. Most wipes prevent fog for about 30 minutes at a time.

Anti-fog cloths are made with high-tech materials to keep your lenses from fogging for several hours. You can add an anti-fog cloth to your next Eyebuydirect order by checking a box on the “My Cart” page.

Travel-size spray bottles are also available with anti-fog solution. Just spray it on your lenses and gently clean them with a microfiber cloth. The effects of anti-fog sprays can last up to a few days. 

These methods all provide temporary relief, so they’re ideal for situations where you need a quick fix on the go.


Soap and Water

Many people use soap and water on their lenses to avoid fog. Take these steps to see if this method will work for you: 

  • Wash your lenses using lukewarm water and a few drops of mild dish soap. 
  • Instead of drying your glasses, gently shake off the excess water and let them air dry. 

This will create a thin film that reduces condensation and provides temporary relief from fogging. Plus, it’s a safe, easy, and affordable solution that requires no extra products.


Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is another popular way to prevent fogging on glasses. Here’s how to try it: 

  • Apply a small amount of shaving cream to both sides of your clean, dry lenses. 
  • Gently rub it in, ensuring full lens coverage. 
  • Using a soft microfiber cloth, buff away any excess cream until your lenses are clear and streak-free. 

The shaving cream should leave behind a protective layer that helps reduce fogging. 

Note: If you have any special coatings on your lenses, you may want to avoid this method. Some shaving cream formulas have abrasive properties that can damage these coatings and may even scratch your lenses. Warm soapy water is usually the safest option.


Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation can be very effective at reducing fog. When indoors, use fans or open windows to improve air circulation. In the car, direct the air vents away from your glasses or crack open the windows.

The goal is to prevent air from hitting your glasses and creating condensation on the lenses. Adjusting the temperature settings may also help.

A woman smiling wearing eyeglasses with white frames

Try to Avoid Future Fog

Foggy glasses can be a pesky problem, but armed with these practical solutions, you can enjoy clear vision. Whether you opt for anti-fog coatings, wipes, or DIY remedies, the key is to find a method that suits your needs and lifestyle. Remember to keep your glasses clean, and if you encounter persistent fogging, consider a combination of methods for maximum results.

At Eyebuydirect, our mission is to provide high-quality eyewear at an affordable price. Check out our selection of anti-fog glasses and find the perfect pair for your style.



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