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Night Driving Glasses: What is the Best Way to Drive at Night?

Night driving glasses are a type of specially made eyewear. They are worn just like any other pair of glasses, but are equipped with a heavily tinted yellow lens. These yellow glasses have been commonly advertised as night driving aids,...


How Much Is an Eye Exam?

The main costs of an eye exam varies on whether it’s performed by an opthamologist or optometrist. Eye exams done at an optometry chain can cost as little as $50, while exams done through private eye doctors can cost over $250. How much you...


Are Designer Frames Worth It?

Designer frames are experimental, bold, and catch the eye of anyone with a taste for fashion. They represent the epitome of style, and constantly push the standards of conventional eyewear. However, let’s be real. With all of those awesome...


Eye-Conic Looks: Glasses Trends Over the Years

On the hunt for a new pair of glasses? Ever considered looking back in time for inspiration? We teamed up with PromoCodesForYou to create a timeline that takes you through popular frame styles by decade, and matches each frame with its...


Hip Hop Glasses: Specs Popularized by Masters of the Art

Get smart: The greatest hip hop legends of our time did more than just immaculately craft rhymes all day. Believe it or not, in the realm of hip hop culture separating the fashion from the music is a sin. Hip hop glasses played a big part...