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Anti Reflective Coating on Glasses: Must Know Facts

Glasses are meant to provide vision correction. Everyone knows that, but why stop there? By putting an anti reflective coating on your glasses lens, you can enjoy more than just traditional vision clarity — you can even block out annoying...


Are contacts cheaper than glasses?

Are contacts cheaper than glasses? When you’re considering vision correction, it’s important to consider all of the options available to you. After all, the journey for better vision health is something that requires a lot of careful...


How to Style Your Hair with Glasses

How to style your hair with glasses is an important skill.You may change your outfit every day, but your hair and glasses will often be fairly consistent. There are many different styles you can play around with, or you can go au naturel....


What Color is Tortoise?

First appearing in the 1920s, the original tortoise material was unfortunately made from actual tortoise shell, which features the distinctive speckled pattern in mottled yellows and honey brown spots. Thankfully, this practice had largely...


Grey Glasses: The Hot Fad You Didn’t Know

Thanks to its association with gloomy weather (or a certain famous romance novel), the color grey has gotten a bad rap over the years. When we think grey, we see rain clouds in our minds or picture a pessimistic stuffed donkey. But there’s...