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Women’s Eyeglasses for Gray Hair: Get the Perfect Pair

Believe it or not, gray hair is having a moment. Women are beginning to wear their gray hair as symbols of elegance and pride, instead of dying it away. Metallic shades of gray, from dark gunmetal to silvery white, are fantastically...


Are Rimless Glasses Out of Style?

Ah, rimless eyeglasses. Believe it or not, what used to be the cornerstone of eyewear fashion back in the day is now experiencing an interesting rut in today’s style-conscious world. Trapped between being a niche statement one minute and a...


Large Frame Black Reading Glasses: Trending Again

Large frame black reading glasses tick all the right boxes when it comes to style. With a nod to nerdy chic and just the right dose of geeky glamor, large frame black reading glasses are the perfect accessory regardless of your style. If...


Black Horn Rimmed Glasses: The Essentials

Maybe you’re in the mood for some retro glasses. Maybe you want a classy pair of eyeglasses to smarten up your look. Whatever your desire may be, a pair of black horn rimmed glasses is your answer. But what are horn rimmed glasses exactly?...


Welcome to the #EBDreframe Experience

We believe that glasses are more than just a way to improve your vision — they’re an extension of your personality! Want us to prove it? Join us as we challenge three of Instagram’s hottest influencers to give fresh eyewear makeovers...