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Pink and Black Glasses Are Back!

Let’s be honest, the 90s never left—they just went on hiatus. Styles like floral patterns are back in full force, and the verdict is that they’re here to stay. Bright pinks and deep purples are also pouncing back into popularity. As a...


How often should you get new glasses?

How often should you get new glasses depends on your particular set of circumstances and habits. However, the indicators can be split into three main categories, those being:   How often do you visit your eye doctor? How often do you wear...


Cute Fashion Glasses That Will Stun

The concept of “cute” has many associations, ranging from feminine and innocent to cheeky and mischievous. Cute fashion glasses bring these associations together in one pair of glasses, allowing you to bring a dash of cuteness to any...


Discount Round Reading Glasses: Comfort and Quality

When it comes to reading and focusing on stimulating the mind, comfort and effectiveness are always the priority. Our broad range of discount round reading glasses are the perfect solution for those late nights where you want to just...


Types of Progressive Lenses

The basic progressive lens selection includes clear lenses, tinted glasses lenses, sunglasses lenses, basic photochromic lenses, Transitions Adaptive lenses, and digital screen protection lenses. Premium Progressive lens options for include...