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Vintage Eyewear

4 minute read by tom

Eyewear has been around forever. Even the Romans used corrective devices to help them see. You might not want to throw it back to a time BC, but vintage eyewear styles keep coming back again and again. Why not mix up your look and...

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Makeup Tutorial for Glasses Wearers

5 minute read by thea

Wearing glasses shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to makeup. Whether you like a classic tortoise frame or playful florals, we got you covered. Follow our top makeup tips for glasses wearers to ensure that you always look...

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Signs You Need an Eye Exam

4 minute read by thea

Your vision is essential to your daily life, which is why it’s so important to maintain. With about 60 percent of the world needing visual correction, keeping up to date with your visual exams is more important than ever. While...

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How to Measure your Pupillary Distance

3 minute read by tom

Do you even know what a pupillary distance is? It’s easy to become a bit overwhelmed with the technical side of ordering prescription eyewear online. Rest assured, there’s no need to be scared by your prescription....

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