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UNiDAYS: It Pays To be a Student

5 minute read by tom

Investing in your future now means investing in your eyesight. Here at EBD, we’ve partnered up with our favorite student discount go-to, UNiDAYS, to give US students 20% off any and all orders plus free shipping with...

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Are Prescription Sunglasses a Good Idea?

4 minute read by thea

Here's a sentence you've probably never read: prescription sunglasses are where it's at. In fact, fashionable prescription lenses are more than just a good idea — they’re a sensible option for most lifestyles. Not...

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How to Style Mens Eyeglasses

4 minute read by tom

Nobody wants bad glasses. We all know that glasses are primarily functional and without them we wouldn't be able to see properly. However, they don’t need to be only functional. The way you style your glasses can express who...

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Glass vs. Polycarbonate Lenses

5 minute read by thea

Glass and polycarbonate. If you’ve browsed for prescription or non-prescription frames you know both types of lenses offer their own benefits and disadvantages. Which is the best option, though? Here’s a quick rundown of...

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