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Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse?

Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse?

There are many reasons people avoid wearing their eyeglasses. Maybe they don’t like how they make them look. Maybe they’re afraid of getting labeled a “nerd.” But one common reason that comes up over and over again is that they’re worried wearing glasses will inevitably cause their vision to get worse. That’s why we’re hear to clear up any misconceptions and really answer the question: does wearing glasses make your eyes worse?

Even though humans have been wearing corrective eyeglasses for centuries, very few studies have been performed on how the prolonged use of glasses affects our sight. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, some folks are still asking, “does wearing glasses make your eyes worse?” But what’s the truth?

The Many Reasons We Wear Glasses

Several eye conditions call for the use of eyeglasses so that people can see:

 Myopia: Nearsightedness, or trouble seeing things that are far away.

 Hyperopia: Farsightedness, or difficulty seeing things up close.

 Astigmatism: An imperfection in the eye’s curvature which results in blurry images.

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Becoming Dependent on Glasses

Becoming farsighted is something that can happen as we age. It gets harder and harder to read a book or newspaper, which may mean you’ll need to purchase a pair of reading glasses. The lenses in our eyes continue to stiffen as we get older, making many people more and more dependent on their reading glasses.

Deteriorating eyesight is a common side effect of old age. However, some believe it’s their dependence on their reading glasses that’s a contributing factor. But needing reading glasses is just a result of the natural aging process. There’s no causal relationship between the eyeglasses and worsened vision.

Don’t Strain Your Eyes

For years, some have thought that it’s better to give children a weaker prescription than they actually need. They believed this would stop the elongation of the eyeball and thus correct their myopia. A 2002 study in Malaysia proved the opposite is true. When children don’t have the correct prescription, this causes their eyes to strain, making the elongation worse and causing it to progress quicker.

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The Benefits of Wearing Eyeglasses

Does wearing glasses make your eyes worse? Of course not! Instead of worsening vision, eyeglasses actually offer distinct benefits to those who need corrective prescriptions:

  • Reduces eye strain and headaches
  • Improves reading speed
  • Lessens the risk of developing a squint
  • Prevents “lazy eye”

Eyeglasses for the Whole Family

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