Our lens types

Learn about our Four Types of Lenses Single Vision, Bifocal and Free-Form Progressive might sound complicated, but we make it simple. Our helpful video explains all our prescription lens types.

Hi there, I know it can be overwhelming choosing different lens types, especially when there are so many to choose from. Let’s try to simplify things a bit.

First of all there are single vision lenses. These lenses have the same magnification throughout the entire lens and are used to fix near, intermediate, or distance vision.

The next is bifocal lenses. You’ll see them as they’re divided in the middle. These are basically two different lenses with two different strengths, the top for distance vision, and the bottom for near vision like reading.

But if lines are not really your thing, then we have the progressive lens. The progressive lens serves the same purpose as the bifocal, but without the obvious line. So distance vision on top, near vision on bottom.

Finally, we have the free-form progressive lens. Compared to the progressive lens, this has a wider visual field, allowing you to see more.

Now you are well-versed in wide world of lenses. Feel free to check out one of our other videos. I’ll see you there. Bye!

  • Single Vision

    Single Vision lens Learn more...

    Free with every pair of EyeBuyDirect glasses! If you need near or far vision correction only, this great standard lens applies a uniform prescription.

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  • Bifocal

    Bifocal lens Learn more...

    Correct near and far vision with these two-in-one lenses. The upper lens helps you see far objects sharply and the lower lens helps you see near objects crystal clear. You’ll never have to compromise on style with these lenses because bifocals can be fitted to over 85% of our frames!

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  • Free-Form Progressive

    Free-Form Progressive lens Learn more...

    Near and far vision is corrected with a seamless transition. You'll see far objects clearly in the upper lens and near objects clearly in the lower lens, while everyone else only sees a fashionable frame because these lenses can be fitted to over 75% of our glasses!

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