Transition lenses protect from UV rays. In fact, they lenses protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays in one of the most convenient ways imaginable. Since they automatically switch between UV protection and vision correction modes, you’ll never need to remember to fish your sunglasses out of your bag and put them on again.

What are adaptive transition lenses?

Adaptive transition lenses are more technologically sophisticated than standard photochromic lenses. Here’s why: Depending on the amount of light in your surroundings, they automatically lighten and darken much faster than their older counterparts.

In short, they give you all of the benefits of traditional vision corrective lenses… but with an on-the-go UV light protection bonus! If you’re walking outside in the sun? The lenses will darken to give you the UV protection you need. If you walk indoors? The lenses will become clear and transparent again.

How are adaptive transition lenses made?

Adaptive transition lenses are made by cutting glass, plastic, or polycarbonate material, and then coating them in a special light-sensitive chemical coating. This coating reacts to the levels of light in the surrounding area, which causes the lenses to shift between dark tint and clear modes to fit the situation.

How long does it take for transition lenses to change?

Transition lenses take different amounts of time to change depending if they’re darkening or lightening. In direct sunlight, they will darken in 30 seconds to a minute. Once you walk indoors, you can expect them to clear up within 2 minutes!

How much does it cost for transition lenses?

Transition lenses can cost as low as $100. Considering how affordable EyeBuyDirect’s frames are, that’s a steal. Looking to pick up a pair of transition lenses for even cheaper? We also carry special frame packages that automatically include transition lenses for a cheaper price. Come check out our sleek selection of progressive transition packages right here.

What are the benefits of transition lenses?

There are many benefits to transition lenses. Not only are transition lenses super convenient, they also provide a nifty variety of non-UV related benefits. Here’s just a couple of them:

Scratch-resistance: The coating used to create adaptive transition lenses also decreases the likelihood of an accidental scratch. Anti-smudge technology: This coating keeps pesky water-stains off of your glasses. They also help prevent annoying finger smudges! Anti-reflective vision: Adaptive transition lenses give many of the same benefits that polarized sunglasses do: They block out haze and glares. Say goodbye to squinting!

Do transition lenses protect from blue-violet light?

Transition lenses do not fully protect from blue-violet light. HOWEVER, the composition of the coating used to make photochromic lenses (and by extension transition lenses) naturally cancels out a small portion of blue-violet light due to their black tint. However, it is not to the same effect as standard digital protection glasses.

See life in the best light with high-tech adaptive transition lenses: One of today’s most convenient solutions to macular degeneration, cataracts, and UV exposure. Not sure what adaptive transition lenses are exactly? Let Eyebuydrect fill in the blanks with this quick guide. Want to learn more about our adaptive transition lenses? Take a look here for more information on how you can take the next step in protecting your eyes.