Reviewed by : Dr. Matthew Miller, OD on Jun 24, 2022

Nearsightedness (also referred to as myopia) is a condition that is characterized by poor long distance clarity. To remedy this, people that experience nearsightedness often wear nearsighted glasses to correct their vision. If you are unsure or feel that you may need nearsighted glasses, read on — we have the answers to all your biggest myopia questions.

What is nearsightedness?

Specifically, nearsightedness refers to one’s long distance vision being noticeably worse than their short distance vision. If this description sounds familiar to your personal experience, don’t worry. Nearsightedness is very common, with more than 40% of Americans experiencing it throughout their life.

What is special about glasses for nearsightedness?

Nearsighted glasses correct your vision so that far away objects appear clearer. Unlike reading glasses, they cannot be bought over the counter and must be prescribed by a professional eye doctor. Have a proper prescription? Visit our eyewear page to browse our collection of fashionable nearsighted glasses frames.

Asking yourself ‘am I nearsighted’? Here’s the answer!

If you’ve asked yourself if you’re nearsighted, it’s highly likely that your symptoms have become noticeable enough to impede your day-to-day lifestyle. We suggest you consult a trained medical professional for a legitimate eye examination as soon as possible.

Should I wear nearsighted glasses all the time?

In the vast majority of cases, wearing nearsighted glasses all the time poses little to no health risks and will not damage your eyes. We recommend you wear nearsighted glasses in accordance to your lifestyle — and especially recommend you wear them during activities such as driving.

Are distance glasses the same as nearsighted glasses?

Distance glasses are the same as nearsighted glasses. Both terms describe eyewear with lenses that correct vision at long distances.

Nearsighted glasses are a highly accessible way for those with nearsightedness to enjoy their everyday lives. Not only are they crucial to visual clarity, they’re extremely fashionable and offer a great way to express your unique personality! To learn more about whether or not glasses are necessary for your lifestyle, read on here.