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Little Plato

Shop Little Plato $6


Meet Leiiani! Her mom lets her explore her personality with her style. It shines through with outfits made up of crazy colors and playful patterns. She finds new ways to express herself with her own colorful collection.

Black Little Morning -  Plastic Eyeglasses


Floral Little Plato -  Colorful Plastic Eyeglasses


Pink Black Little Brittany -  Colorful Plastic Eyeglasses


Little Jane

Shop Little Jane $6


Budding fashionista Chloe loves dressing up like her super stylish parents. She matches her ‘mini me’ outfits with her favorite #MyFirstCrush frames. Mom and Dad’s fresh streetwear look is clearly genetic when you look at Chloe’s own unique style. Together they give off the vibe of the quintessential digital modern family.

Black Little Jane -  Plastic Eyeglasses


Floral Little Muse -  Colorful Plastic Eyeglasses


Pink Little Brittany -  Colorful Plastic Eyeglasses


Little Yolo

Shop Little Yolo $6


What Hudson may lack in height over his sister, Emmerson, he makes up for with fun and endless energy. His West Coast style is already perfectly reflected by his chill attitude. Favorite pastimes include playing with his sisters, racing his tricycle, and impersonating dinosaurs!

Green Little Yolo -  Geek Plastic Eyeglasses


Black Flurries -  Plastic Eyeglasses


Little Warren

Shop Little Warren $9


Emmerson, the oldest of 3, is sprouting into a cool, collected and confident older sister. From spots to stripes, her style is all about the confidence to be herself. Along with her brother, Hudson, the whole family is elated by the arrival of the latest member, baby Hattie.

Tortoise Little Warren -  Plastic Eyeglasses


Blue Floral Little Muse -  Colorful Plastic Eyeglasses


Little Warren

See Little Warren $9

Matte Navy Little Chilling -  Classic Plastic Eyeglasses


Little Thin Line

Shop Little Thin Line $15


Beach boy and cookie enthusiast, Waylon, loves playing in sand and perfecting his swimming just like his surfer dude Dad. A mini adventurer in the making, Waylon’s wonder at the world is matched only by his love for Lego and his baby brother, Gideon.

Matte Black Little Mellow -  Plastic Eyeglasses


Green Little Oblivion -  Plastic Eyeglasses


Gunmetal Little Thin Line -  Fashion Metal Eyeglasses