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Sunglasses Trends 2023:

Sunwear for Women and Men

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding what style of sunglasses to score. You could just order some shades and call it a day, or you could get the scoop on the sunglasses trends of 2023 for women and men and block those rays in the most stylish way!


Oversized Retro Sunglasses Trends for 2023

Big and bold retro-inspired frames are for everyone — we can all rock oversized glasses with the right attitude. Old school features add an extra dimension of style to oversized sunglasses frames, perfect if you want a look that stands out.

Angled Cat-Eye Sunglasses Trends

Cat-eye sunglasses frames are both timeless and trendy. Opt for sharper corners and thicker frames for an extra chic and modern look. Browse our selection to unlock your max style potential.

Multi-Material Sunglass Frames

A big current trend is sunglass frames made with a combination of materials. Using both metal and acetate on a frame looks modern and stylish while keeping them lightweight and sturdy. Take your pick and see for yourself!


Classic Black Frames

There’s nothing quite like a pair of simple black sunglasses frames for women and men. Strata is a refined black browline style with eye-catching silver accents, while Lauren’s curvy design adds a retro touch to the classic black finish.

Strata $55 $39
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Lauren $55 $33

Your sunglasses should make you feel confident and stylish, and sunglasses trends of now are all about having fun with your frames. Take a look at our selection and find inspo from our tips to find the best frame to suit your personal style.