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Whoever you’re sharing with, EyeBuyDirect Online Gift Cards are a perfect fit for family, friends, or anyone you know on the lookout for some new eyeglasses or sunglasses!

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  • The Most Awesome, Practical, and Appreciated Gift—EyeBuyDirect Gift Cards for Eyewear

  • It’s a fact of life that most people who wear glasses put off getting new glasses until they have used up an entire roll of duct tape in an attempt to keep their glasses together and functional for as long as possible. Have you ever seen an “eyeglass procrastinator” who is wearing a pair of decades-old glasses missing a lens and an arm? Unbelievably, those people are out there, and boy, could they use one of our gift cards!

  • Gifts cards from EyeBuyDirect make picking out frames fun and easy for the person receiving a gift card. They can take their time looking through our online catalog, digitally trying on as many frames as they wish using our online interactive media, and purchasing their frames without worrying about paying for them. We make it so simple to order eyeglasses and sunglasses online by explaining the process with step-by-step instructions and immediate access to helpful staff members.

  • If you know somebody like the procrastinator we described earlier, why not give them an EyeBuyDirect gift card? It’s not only thoughtful and practical, but it also shows you care about that person’s ability to view the world through a pair of brand-new, professionally crafted eyeglasses.

  • Available now are $25, $50, and $100 EBD gift cards. Once you choose your gift card amount, you’ll then be asked to select the date you want the gift card delivered via email. Next, simply enter the recipient’s name and email. You can even add a little message if you want—wishing them a happy birthday or just writing something short and sweet like “Thinking of you.”

  • After they receive their gift card, don’t forget to tell them about our online catalog featuring descriptions and pictures of all our eyeglass frames. From classic and retro to fashionable and trendy, we’re positive your giftee will find a pair of frames they love and can’t wait to wear.

  • Contact our customer service team for more information.

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