Matte Black  Belleville -  Classic Metal Eyeglasses
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Belleville Matte Black Eyeglasses

FRAME Price: $25

Description Details Reviews (32)
  • These matte black eyeglasses are the epitome of clean design and class. This full metal frame comes in a matte black finish throughout with round shaped lenses. The temples feature subtle engravings and are flexible thanks to spring hinges. Adjustable nose pads and acetate arm tips make this a comfortable look for men and women.

    Other Colors Available:

    Matte Black  Belleville -  Classic Metal Eyeglasses - model image Matte Black  Belleville -  Classic Metal Eyeglasses - model image

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

    Frame Size




    Other Features

    Spring hinge



    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • very satisfied. used them many

    very satisfied. used them many times with complete satisfaction. cannot bet the quality and price

    very easy and courteous company to work with

    eyebuydirect is very easy and courteous company to work with I recommend them for any kind of glasses you need and the PRICE is GREAT!

    Great Deal

    I’m pretty satisfied with these glasses. My vision is very slightly warped when I look through the very bottom part of the lenses, but I hardly noticed it after a week. The lenses seem like very fantastic quality considering I spent like $30. The legs of the frames seem fairly sturdy, although the bridge feels slightly week like it could snap in the middle if I’m not very careful. All in all, I think they are surprisingly good glasses for the price, and I am 95% sure I will by from eyebuydirect again whenever my glasses inevitably break. Only a few months ago, I spent several hundreds of dollars on glasses that seem only marginally sturdier than these glasses. They broke in less than a year. So I think these glasses are definitely worth it.

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    Great glasses

    Glasses were great but a few things kept the rating a 4 vs a 5. The shipping cost didn't appear until the very end, took 2 weeks to get them and the fact that you were very busy wasn't mentioned until after I ordered, most of the frames on sale were large but I needed a medium.

    Positive transaction

    Friendly and cooperative sales personal

    took way to long on this last purchase

    ordered a pair of glasses I beleve oct. 4, 123, ya didn`t do the percption right,sent them back, ordered another pair, finally got them yesterday nov. 21,2015, that is a long period of time if ya ask me.

    They really have excellent customer service!

    Excellent service. The price and quality are superb!

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    Easy process

    I was reluctant to buy glasses online but the ease of loading a picture and trying different frames and colors convinced me to give it a try. I couldn't be more pleased.

    First Time Buyer

    I purchased my first pair of glasses through EyeBuy. They were very satisfactory and had frame and prescription to my exact specifications. I am already getting an order ready for a second pair (sunglasses). The purchase experience was one of ease with the website being so user friendly. I'll continue purchasing through EyeBuy and have recommended to several other people already.


    Quick and easy

    Savings For Sure

    My overall experience with EyeBuyDirect has been a good one. The glasses I have ordered and received have been of good quality with excellent workmanship all around. Only once there was an unexplanable delay. The savings over buying from a brick-and-mortar store have been quite significant. The only downside of ordering online is that you have to make the adjustments to your new glasses yourself, but that is relatively pain free.

    Belleview frames in matte black

    I've been looking for this frame style for the longest time, and eyebuydirect had them! They are sturdy, light-weight, comfortable, and really cute. (This is a style that looks great on both men and women.) I love the frame's shape! It's a style that used to be in fashion before frame styles became much smaller. I like these frames because they accommodate my progressive lenses quite well, without making me feel claustrophobic (like I used to with smaller frames). They're a great timeless, classic style, and I've gotten 2 compliments from strangers since wearing them. I highly recommend this frame. (eyebuydirect has several similar styles that also appeal to me, including one or two with tortoise shell or antique bronze, but black is my go-to color since it goes with everything and the color really suits me.) Ordering through eyebuydirect is easy, and customer service has always been prompt at responding to my questions and offering assistance. Best of all, their prices are great! The quality of their prescription lenses are perfect. I've never had an issue ordering through them. I'm certain my lenses alone would have cost a whole lot more if purchased them elsewhere because I chose the thinnest, free-form progressives with multiple protective coatings. The price of the frames were excellent too! I purchased them for $25; I used to pay between $65 to well over $150 elsewhere for the frames alone. Eyebuydirect sent my glasses a little ahead of schedule, which is always a plus! They did so with my previous pair from last year as well! I highly recommend their service and selection!

    Great Fit

    Lenses great

    Incredible Service

    WOW! Great service answers questions quickly-love the glass-very happy customer.

    Belleview wire rims in black

    Seem to be as sturdy as any wire rims can be. Nice springs on the hinges. The plastic lenses seem to fit snugly in the frame and I like the UV coating for when sunglasses are unnecessary outdoors. Service was reasonably fast, good communication via email. The website and options were easy to understand and select. The "see the glasses on your face option was very helpful - maybe more so than looking at yourself with various frames on in a store mirror. You can also ask your spouse what they think - since they will be looking at them more than you will!! I would buy from them again, and I have already mentioned them to a friend who asked about my glasses,

    Shipping time

    Glasses are fine, I like them. Turn around time was longer than I had expected.

    Nice frames

    I was able to find a set of frames I liked and the price was reasonable. The arrived in the mail in a timely fashion and where what I expected.


    Shipping cost is high and the shipping time is days long.

    Great Glasses!!!

    This was my first purchase of prescription glasses online. I've viewed some other websites, and EyeBuyDirect definitely had the best website. It was very simple to navigate and the order form was very straight forward and informative. I typed in my prescription and this model arrived only 1 week after i ordered them. It was over a holiday weekend too! The glasses themselves are great for my vision, and the product is as described. I do wish this model came with a silver colored frame, but that's just being picky. I would definitely purchase again from EyeBuyDirect if my prescription changes or i need a back-up pair of glasses.

    Always Satisfied!

    This is about the 5th pair I've bought from eyebuydirect and I've always been happy with their glasses and service. Can't beat them.

    very satisfied

    o far l have purchased 5 pair of glasses i am very satisfied l belive they are very proffesional , i like to order by telephone , staff is very knowledgable and helpfull eyebuy will be my source for glasses

    Wow. Great glasses

    I wear these all day every day. They have to be right or I am walking into things. Eye buy direct has been making glasses for me for at least 7 years. I now were prisms an they are able to make this added adjustment as well. The cost is surprisingly low for all I get. Many thanks folks! Jane

    Excellent Service

    Even though my eye doctor and I messed up my prescription, EyeBuyDirect sent me a second pair of glasses with the corrected prescription. They did so in an organized and efficient way, free of charge. The glass seem to be high quality and fit my face well. They also had the best price that I found. In a day and age when customer service seems to be a thing from the past, EyeBuyDirect does it right. Thank you for your excellent service. Sincerely Jonathan Witte

    Spot On!

    Perfect service and product. Will never over pay again with a site like this. This is how buying glasses on line should be.

    Nice glasses

    Nice glasses, fit well. Bought distance and distance sunglasses.

    Belleville frame

    The frames were a bit larger than I anticipated, but I was able to get use to them once they were being worn. Very nice frames for the price. Faster shipping than I expected, and very easy to order on line. I will do business with this company on line again.

    Great Glasses

    The glasses were made very well ,the workmanship was great ant the prescription was right, Thank you

    Great, but…

    Great service, great glasses, and quick response to inquiries with customer service… but, I really wish their "virtual try-on" were a little more accurate with the size of the eye glass frames when you "try them online." The glasses I tried online looked great on the photo, but when I received them, they were a little bigger compared to the photo. (However, this wouldn't stop me from purchasing a pair of glasses the next time…) EyeBuy was quick to assist in replacing them, but all of the frames they had that I liked were either out-of-stock or no longer on sale/discounted. The exchange would have cost me close to $50 more, which would have defeated the purpose of purchasing a pair in the first place. Otherwise, I think their eye glasses are a great value and their prescriptions are accurate. (The first pair of glasses I purchased from them over a year ago were perfect in both size and prescription.) Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with their selection and service.

    looks, quality,service,price

    bought two pairs and they are the best glasses i've ever owned!quality and price are just a bonus can't give you enough stars....thanks,gus

    Excellent customer service, unacceptable glasses

    I ordered some Belleville frames and 1.59 progressive lenses with AR and UV coatings. When I received them, the progressive part started about 1/3rd of the way from the top so I had to tip my head down to see through the distance part and there was significant chromatic aberration. When I let customer service know I was unhappy, they were immediately responsive and offered to replace them if I would send a picture of myself wearing them. I did that and within two weeks I had another pair. Unfortunately, while the progressive part was lower, it was still very high and the chromatic abberration was worse, if anything. I let them know I wanted a refund which they did as soon as I told them I'd mailed the glasses back. Both times I needed to return the glasses, they emailed me a postage paid label. I have rarely had such great customer service! Too bad the lenses weren't better quality.

    Absolutely perfect glasses

    I love my new glasses. eyebuydirect rules

    New Glasses

    These glasses take a couple of weeks to get, but they are well worth the wait! Really pleases with the way both pair fit, and I don't think you can beat the price. I paid less than half of what my wife paid at a local store for her glasses, and I got two pairs! Thanks Eye Buy Direct!

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