Matte Navy Instant Crush -  Fashion Plastic Eyeglasses
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Instant Crush Matte Navy Eyeglasses

FRAME Price: $15

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  • Complement any style with these matte navy eyeglasses. This full acetate frame comes in a matte navy finish throughout with wayfarer shaped lenses. Double stud accents and classic keyhole nose bridge balance this stylish look that is flattering for both men and women.

    Other Colors Available:

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

    Frame Size





    14g - Lightweight

    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • Exceeded my expectations by far!

    I've used a lot of sites to buy discounted glasses over the years. The price has gone up on some, others with similar price don't have the best quality. I was curious to see how these would be once they came. I ordered a pair of glasses to be my "back up pair" when I got my new prescription. I needed new sunglasses too, and didn't want to spend over $100. It's the worst when you get a new prescription and have to replace everything. I purchased the instant crush glasses and a pair of sunglasses. They came quickly and I was blown away by the quality. I can't recommend them enough.


    nk them.

    Good service

    I bought a pair of glasses that I was unhappy with & they replaced them promptly with no questions. I was very pleased with the service.

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    Stylish and Cheap!

    I love EyeBuy!! I recommend them to everyone I know. I've ordered 5 pairs of glasses and I haven't been disappointed yet. EyeBuy has THE BEST prices on eyewear!

    GREAT value!

    I see absolutely no difference in the my EyeBuyDirect glasses and my LOTS more expensive prescription glasses. Many styles, easy order and fast delivery!

    LOVE EyeBuyDirect!!

    Fast and affordable, love this company!

    Light and good looks

    I was really surprised to recive my eye glasses so fast. Good customer service with Monna. The chosen model is light and firs well. Thanks Patrice

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    I have no title

    I'm very happy with the glasses. Great price, fast service, I'll be back.

    Wonderful experience

    I love my new glasses. Why was I paying $400+ for glasses @ a store when the lens in these are so superior!


    Love the glasses. I got my glasses faster than i expected. Thank you! I look forward to buying another pair from you all very soon.

    Loyal Customer!

    Thanks to EyeBuyDirect, I now own 11 pair of glasses! Price, selection and styles are great. 5*!

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