Brown/Tortoise Stanford -  Classic Acetate Eyeglasses
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Stanford Brown/Tortoise Eyeglasses for Women

FRAME Price: $22.40

Description Details Reviews (49)
  • These tortoise eyeglasses are charismatically casual. This effortless style features a defined round shape with a classic keyhole cutout nose bridge and is finished in a semi-transparent muted tortoiseshell hue. Clean lines and sharp colors make this look a stand out for both men and women.

    Other Colors Available:

    14 Day Fit & Style Guarantee

    Free replacement, Free Shipping, no questions asked

  • Lens type available for this frame

    Single Vision Lenses INCLUDED
    Bifocal Lenses $29
    Free-Form Progressive Lenses $49
    Non-Prescription INCLUDED

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    All EBD frame weights displayed are without the lenses. Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter. All other frames weigh 16 grams or more.

  • My glasses are just as

    My glasses are just as I had expected and wanted!

    Fabulous Glasses Huge Bargain!

    I got two pairs of glasses for HUNDREDS less than my last pair. Excellent vision. Really cute. Delivered promptly and everything just as I ordered. Who could ask for more?

    Nice glasses

    Very pleased with my purchase

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    Best buy!!!

    I love my glasses. So many choices, unbelievable prices. I couldn't help filling up my cart with so many classic and trendy styles. I'm a big fan. It's the best online eyewear store I've experienced so far.

    Prescription Sunglasses

    I am enjoying my sunglasses and have received compliments. This was my third pair of glasses purchased here and the experience has been favorable. Though I eventually found a pair of sunglass frames that would fit my no line bifocal prescription the selection was limited.

    Good quality and excellent lens.

    Good quality and excellent lens.

    Love these sophisticated frames!

    I have ordered 6 frames from EBD. I'm obsessed. These frames are so unique and unlike anything I've seen before. They really give off the 'librarian' vibe and are a great neutral yet not boring color!

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    Quick, easy purchase !

    Excellent and easy process online With great customer support and great design!

    I Love EBD!!!

    Okay I normally just buy my frames from here because my prescription is really strong but I thought I would just give it a try since the price is so cheap, and I am so glad I did. These are some great quality glasses for a really cheap price. I'm shocked at how these glassed turned out. Thanks EBD!!!

    Very Happy With the Quality of the Glasses

    Th Stanford eyeglass frame includes wires that run through the plastic earpieces strengthening them. Plastic nose pieces ensure you will never see green mold you cannot remove or have to change a broken off nose piece. The color and size is as represented. Because the eyeglass frame is a bit large I use eyeglass chains to make sure I catch my glasses if they fall off as I'm bending over but this has not been a problem--don't want to lose them:)

    Another smart purchase...Yay me!

    This is the 4th pair of high quality, stylish glasses I have purchased from eyebuydirect. The product, service and process are far above the rest out there.



    Bifocal Purchase

    Second purchase from EBD. Seems like the website has been improved since my last experience. More intuitive interface with easier data entry in support of the product definition. This pair of bifocals was for the wife and she is quite satisfied. Reasonably good quality with rapid manufacturing and shipping. Durability is the only unknown at this point (only one month since receipt), but they appear to be fairly well made.

    EyeBuyDirect is Wonderful.

    EyeBuyDirect is a great company. They truely care about customer satisfaction. Although I loved my frames, the first pair needed correction in the lenses.... The sent me a return lable and I returned them, no charge... They redid the lenses and mailed them right back in less than two weeks. I just could not get use to the progressive lenses... I called, and again they mailed me a return lable. Although I could not order my lenses from them, I still ordered my frames. They sent me new ones each time! Customer service personel were outstanding and friendly. When they start making executive lenses, I will be back. :)


    Quick and easy! I love my new glasses and they came in so fast!

    I was shocked at how great my glasses are!

    To be completely honest, I was expecting a lower quality lens and from but when I got my glasses in the mail, I fell in love with them! The first pair I ordered were the wrong prescription (my fault, I typed it in wrong). I contacted the company and they replaced them for free; they even gave me a return label so I didn't have to pay shipping! I couldn't be happier with their customer service and glasses! I would recommend this to everyone! You're not going to find great glasses for any cheaper.

    Great return policy

    i bought a new pair of trendy frames. I thought they would look nice on me but they did not! When I contacted Customer Service they were very kind and helpful with me picking out a new frame and sending me a free packing label that allowed me to mail the frames that didn't work back at no charge to me.

    Wish you kept more frames in stock.

    I just purchased the frame as a replacement for a pair you made about six months ago and which I subsequently lost- and I had to wait about two months for them to be back in stock. I'm quite clumsy, so I purchased two spare frames when I had my new prescription filled a month ago.

    Great Service

    Great Selection!!! Great Priced!!!

    Great site for prescription glasses !

    i have bought 2 priscription glasses with ease and they are great. I had to go get my eyes exam to get the RX and now I am planning to get at least 2 more . The price I have paid for 2 is less than 1 in stores !!!! I am never buying from other stores . Only online stores . Very happy .

    Cute but not so great service

    The first time I ordered these glasses, they came in really stretched out and also I felt like my prescription was off in some way (I think the glasses were just too strong). I called customer service and they told me that they would email me something that would allow me to get a replacement pair. The email never came. However, when I emailed EyeBuyDirect rather than calling several days later, they responded promptly and replaced my glasses. Maybe their phone service is just bad, I don't really know but I was not impressed. My replacement pair is perfect. I got it in the light tortoiseshell frame.

    Julian Prewit

    I like these sun glasses...Need another pair of regulars!

    Love my glasses!

    $25 got me really nice glasses! Cute, good fit, and low cost glasses.


    My glasses were perfect! I couldn't have been happier with the finished product. Pam B

    Great service

    My order somehow was incorrect. The staff replaced my glasses with correct ones. Thanks for practicing customer service

    Cool specs for college

    My dad sig gestes that I try EyeBuyDirect before I head off to college. I like the glasses that I got so much that I'll probably order a couple more pairs before the Fall.

    I like my glasses just

    I like my glasses just fine. Received them promptly


    I love it


    I will always purchase my eye wear from EyeBuyDirect from now on! Yes, it was a wonderful experience at a fantastic price! The customer service is so well driven, that this brand will be on the top of your list if you give them a try. I ordered, unknowingly gave a (-) instead of a (+) called customer service, they apologized for my having the problem, sent me a return label for the glasses, and processed the correct prescription! The rep was helpful, understanding and eager to enlighten me and get the proper glasses to me. All this at a buyable price for a quality pair of glasses! Wonderful! Thank you EyeBuyDirect!!

    All 4 pair that I just have purchased have been great..

    The customer service is wonderful...

    my glasses

    Great deal!


    Great styles, great service!


    They are perfect. For the price point you cannot find a better deal. I wear contacts during the day and my glasses in the evening.

    Order #5

    I've placed 5 orders with eyebuydirect. I couldn't be happier with the quality and the price.


    My second pair. Just excellent.

    6 pairs of love

    I have purchased 6 pairs of glasses and they are all so gorgeous. The Standford is a great for a home or everyday comfy look!

    I have purchased from EyeBuyDirect before and highly recommend them

    Great service, great frames, wonderful experience.


    My glasses are a perfect fit and everything I wanted them to be. I bought 3 pair for $164 . When I bought my first pair of glasses from my eye doctor, it cost $350 with insurance . I will always buy through direct buy.

    Great Glasses

    So far so good. These glasses were tinted and are used primarily as sunglasses so I don't use them all the time. But when I am outside and the sun is shining they are on. I don't have any issues thus far. They are functioning perfectly Thanks eye buy direct

    Not exactly what I expected, but close.

    The frames were a little larger than I had anticipated, and the color was less vibrant than what I saw on screen. But that is pretty typical for lo-res images over the web. As for the prescription, no problems at all--I can see again!

    Great Service

    great service

    Exceptional Eyewear and Service!

    I have purchased 4 pair of eyeglasses so far, I love them all. Great stuff and excellent service!

    as easy as 123

    I was quick and easy...

    Great Quality At A Phenomenal Price

    i recently took advantage of a BOGO offer. I got on pair of frames with a second pair of frames free. Despite being charged extra for premium lenses on both glasses the frames were well made, extremely flattering and fit my face. The lenses were great; no issue with either set. This order was not my first. I was delighted with these glasses and will buy again.

    Excellent Support

    I love my new glasses. I misread my prescription and ordered the wrong glasses. Customer Service was outstanding and ordered the correct glasses for me. Definitely will return to purchase more glasses when I need another pair.

    Quality product and affordable

    I saved about $250 by buying glasses through EyeBuyDirect! The glasses look great and the blended bifocal prescription is perfect.

    Always perfect!

    We've been buying our prescription eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect for a few years now and we've never been disappointed. Our son is a very active outdoorsman, always climbing mountains or traversing a wilderness area, and he tends to lose or damage his glasses frequently. With the retail price of eyeglasses so high, we looked for an affordable, easy option to replacing and buying extra eyeglasses for our busy son. EyeByeDirect offers stylish, comfortable, affordable frames fitted with your prescription and shipped to your door within weeks of order. As a matter of fact, we almost always order several pairs at a time--that way our son can always have a backup pair in his car and in his backpack for those times he forgets or damages his glasses on the trail. Thanks, EBD for great service and for being such a great source for stylish eyeglasses at an affordable price.

    I Like it, others love it!

    I can finally see again! Friends are happy that they don't have to read menus to me. Store clerks are glad they don't have to read product ingredients to me. I'm over joyed that I can see what my girlfriend looks shes an ex!

    Love these!

    I got these in the mail today and they're perfect! These were the first glasses I've ordered and I'm really impressed with the quality for the price. I will definitely buy glasses from EyeBuy again.

Stanford BROWN
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