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4 Ways to Sleep Better

Here’s the thing:

A lot of us don’t get enough sleep.

Some studies show that as much as 1 in 3 adults don’t get their recommended daily amount of sleep. At least 7 hours is the medically prescribed amount we should all be getting per night.

So, what can we do about it?

Small changes can have a big impact.


There are a few simple steps we can all put in place to help us not only achieve the right amount of sleep but better quality sleep. And who doesn’t want that?

If you follow these easy tips (and you’re going to want to stick around for number 4) then you’ll be well on your way to sleeping like a baby, all night, every night.


Ready? Okay:

EyeBuyDirect 4 ways to sleep better

1. Shower at night before bed

Most of us are used to showering as part of our morning routine. Warm showers wake us up but they also relax our muscles. On Top of this, after our bodies leave the shower they begin to cool down. This cooling creates the perfect environment to help us sleep. It also leaves time for an extra 20 minutes in the morning so you don’t feel drowsy before you’ve even started. Definitely, one to try.

2. Exercise everyday

Raise your hand if you don’t move enough during the day.

Thought so. This lack of physical exertion could be contributing to reduced sleep quality. Our bodies use sleep to recover, and if there’s nothing to recover from, it might affect our sleep. Even a simple walk after dinner can make a massive difference.


Try not to exercise up to 2 hours before bed – increasing blood supply will get the mind and body into moving mode which is the opposite of what we want.

EyeBuy Direct 4 ways to sleep better

3. Cut caffeine

We all love (more like completely obsessed with) caffeine.

Whether its specialty, loose leaf teas or a classic cup of Joe, everyone can do with a little help to get through those groggy mornings at the office. Even in Summer, is there any better way to cool down on a hot afternoon than with your favorite iced latte to avoid the post-lunch slump?

Try and keep your caffeine consumption to pre-lunch beverages to ensure it’s out of your system before you think about hitting the hay.

4. Digital Screen Protection Glasses

This is our big secret!

Any and all of our eyeglasses frames and be made into Digital Screen Protection Glasses. They filter out the potentially harmful blue-violet light but using a blue light filter lens. This light can disrupt sleep cycles and contribute to other eye health problems. We bet you never even thought of glasses to help you sleep better. To read more about our computer glasses and why you need them, check out our website and previous blog posts for all the info!

There we go. 4 tips. The EBD office swears by them, so make a little time and give a little thought to trying them out. Before you know it you’ll forget you ever had problems getting to sleep and you’ll snag yourself a stylish pair of glasses in the process. Thank us later.


Sweet dreams,