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Taking care of your eyeglasses every day is the best way to maintain them for as long as possible and keep them looking great. However, most people don’t know how to properly clean glasses. Follow these eyeglass cleaning tips to keep eyewear damage at bay.

How to Clean Your Eyeglasses

Whether you’re cleaning eyeglasses or sun wear, you should clean your glasses using the following steps:

  • Wash and dry your hands before touching your eyeglasses.
  • Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of warm tap water to remove dust and debris. This will minimize scratches on your lenses.
  • Apply some lotion-free dishwashing liquid to both lenses and rub both sides of your lenses gently for a few seconds. Make sure to reach the nose pads and arms as well, as oils can accumulate here.
  • Rinse your lenses and frames thoroughly to make sure all the soap is gone before drying.
  • Shake the glasses carefully to remove most of the water from the lenses. Examine them to make sure they’re clean.
  • Carefully dry your lenses with a clean, lint-free dish towel. Any lint or dirt on the towel can scratch or smear your lenses.
  • Inspect your lenses for any streaks or smudges and remove them with a microfiber cloth. These are available from most optical stores.
  • For touch-up cleanings, pre-packaged, pre-moistened disposable lens wipes are available for you to use. You can also use spray eyeglass cleaners.

The best way to clean eyeglasses is to use the methods above. To make sure your glasses don’t need much cleaning, keep your glasses in protective storage cases when not in use.

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What Not to Do When Cleaning

If you don't have the materials to clean your glasses, try to find appropriate materials to clean them. Don't use a shirt, paper towels, or tissues to clean them, especially when they're dry. This can scratch your lenses. Also, try not to use anything but water or eyeglass spray to clean your lenses — saliva and household cleaners are not made to work with lenses and can damage them.

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