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Do computer glasses work?

It’s common sense: prolonged use of a digital screen can cause a lot of damage to our eyes. To counter these side-effects, people have been wearing special computer glasses. Here at EyeBuyDirect, we want to clear up any of the misinformation about computer glasses and their effectiveness. Most importantly, we’re trying to answer the one big question on everyone’s mind: Do computer glasses work?

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses are designed to lessen the negative effects of blue light. Blue light is a spectrum of light that almost every digital screen emits. Prolonged exposure to this blue light causes a unique phenomenon called digital eye strain, which carries symptoms such as eye fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches, and more. The lenses in computer glasses are treated with a specially made coating that decreases the amount of blue light your eyes take in. Everyday, digital devices help guide us through our lives. Billions of people use them at work, and an even bigger amount of people use them for play. All around the world, this technology has become so widespread that people rarely go a single day without seeing a digital screen. However, our continued use of digital screens has some serious drawbacks: Namely, the effects of blue light.


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Do Computer Glasses Work?

Computer glasses can work wonders for your work and home life. Feeling groggy at your day-time job? If your job requires you to spend long hours sitting down in front of a computer, then you what you read next might sound familiar: At work, using a digital screen for long periods of time can make you feel more lethargic than you should be. In some cases, standing up after looking at a digital screen for a long period of times might trigger some minor dizziness and loss of balance. Not only do computer glasses work, but they also keep you more energetic and focused when it matters most.

Do computer glasses work for children? Absolutely.

Computer glasses are vital when it comes to protecting your child’s long-term eye health. Every good parent knows that in a child’s early developmental stages, it’s important to encourage good habits regarding digital screens. Establishing how often your child uses the television or tablet in your house is a common practice for parents in every major part of the world. However, while digital screens play a highly positive part in youth education and learning, a large majority of American children use them in an unhealthy way.

For example, many children sit right in front of their home’s TV set, instead of the suggested 6-10 feet.  Being at such a close proximity puts their eye health at risk. Also, when digital screen usage goes unsupervised, children can harm their eyes through prolonged exposure. Equipping your child with computer glasses can negate the harmful effects of blue light and help prevent the early onset of age-related eye problems. It’s a great investment.

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Do you need a prescription to use computer glasses?

Want the benefits of computer glasses, but don’t need vision correction? No problem. Non prescription computer glasses are an excellent option for people looking to energize their eyes during work. (It also gives you a nifty excuse to wear stylish eyewear as a fashion statement when you don’t exactly need them!)

Are computer glasses worth it?

In the end, our verdict is yes! Computer glasses work, and offer zero drawbacks as far as your eyes are concerned. For those worried that putting the special coating on your lenses will decrease lens quality, there’s no need to be nervous. Not only do computer glasses work on decreasing blue light, they also have the added benefit of being anti-reflective. This means that the coating will also block the intensity of glares on the street and bright reflections outside too.

Not only are they great for professionals, but they’re also perfect for children. They’re a versatile option for everyone and an excellent investment. EyeBuyDirect offers two different types of blue light coatings, each with their own special features. Check them out here.

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