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Blue Light And Sleep

Blue light affects sleep negatively by tricking our brains into thinking it is daytime.  Among other sources, sunlight has a lot of light in the blue spectrum, and our brains our adapted to be more active when this type of light hits our eyes. Because of this, blue light and sleep are not a good combination! Blue light blocking glasses are a great way to limit your exposure to this kind of light.

Picture the scenario, you are back home after a long day and almost ready to hit the hay. Before you sleep you grab your phone for one last check of your social media page of choice. This situation applies to many of us today. Our phones give us access to an incredible amount of information, and we all love to feel connected to each other. At the same time our quality of sleep is getting worse, so how does blue light affect sleep? let’s find out.

Blue Light And Sleep Effects

The science behind blue light keeping us awake is that it affects melatonin production in our bodies. Melatonin is a hormone that, among other things, tells our brain when it is time to sleep. Higher melatonin levels make us feel more awake, while lower levels make us feel sleepy.

Usually, our body has a natural cycle to balance between sleepiness and wakefulness, this is called the circadian rhythm. This cycle can be influenced by other things, including blue light. It makes sense when we realize that sunlight has a lot of light on the blue wavelength! When our brain detects the blue light in sunlight, it wakes us up, simple.

Where Does Blue Light Come From?

As mentioned, we are exposed to a lot of blue light from the sun. Blue light also comes from the screens of digital devices, which most of us use every day. Another source found in homes are our lights, so try to use dimmer, more warm colored lights in the evening.

The light from digital screens is likely the main culprit for our sleepless nights and staring at these screens in a darkened room is even worse!

There are a few things you can do to limit how blue light affects sleep. Not using your phone or watching TV a few hours before you sleep is an obvious solution. If this isn’t an option, consider looking at our blue light blocking glasses. Your eyes will thank you. These types of lenses are great if you spend a lot of time at your computer for work or gaming, and even better for improving your sleep quality.

Blue light blocking glasses next to a mobile phone

Prism, in Tortoise

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help You Sleep?

If your wonderful blue light blocking glasses limit your exposure to this type of light before you go to bed, they can definitely help you sleep!

As we mentioned, our melatonin levels are important for controlling our wakefulness. If you use digital screens just before you try to sleep, it will take you longer to fall asleep and your quality of sleep is likely to be worse. Most of us really enjoy a bit of internet browsing or tablet reading before bed, and while it might be good to cut down on this a little, blue light glasses mean we don’t have to adjust our habits too much.

Blue light and sleep quality is a problem solved by blue light blocking glasses, but they can benefit you in many other ways.

Blue light not only affects our melatonin levels, some studies show that long-term exposure can actually damage eyes. Light of this wavelength can penetrate right through to our inner eye and potentially be harmful. If you spend a long time at your computer or using your phone throughout the day. Digital protection lenses are a great choice.

Can I Use Blue Light Glasses With A Prescription?

At EyeBuyDirect, we offer digital protection lens coatings both with and without a prescription, so no need to worry about that. Simply choose the ‘digital screen protection’ option when selecting your lens type with any frame, and then choose from our ‘EBDBlue’ or ‘Sightrelax’ blue light blocking glasses.

If you need prescription lenses all the time then you can use your blue light blocking glasses as your daily pair! This will have the added benefit of minimizing your blue light exposure throughout the day, not just in the evening. We have a selection of stylishly modern frames that look great with our EBDBlue and Sightrelax lenses so take your pick! We all deserve great quality sleep. Restricting our blue light exposure is an easy first step to ease your journey into dreamland.

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