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The Perfect Stylish Glasses For Women

We need glasses to see. Maybe that is all the time or perhaps it is only when we read or have to see finer details. Whatever the case, finding the right prescription is usually the primary focus and other considerations can go to the wayside. Often we will ignore the more aesthetic part of finding stylish glasses for women, who may be more inclined to match their eyewear to their personal style but don’t know how to do it.

Stylish Glasses For Women

Long behind us are the days of “four eye” teasing…glasses are functional, sexy and can add a great deal to an outfit or even act as a personal expression. You may be surprised by just how much can be said with a simple pair of glasses.

So, how do you find the perfect pair of stylish glasses for women that want to add a bit of flair to their everyday apparel? You start by seeing eyewear not only as a necessity, but as an accessory.

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Study Your Face Shape

Face shape is going to have a huge impact on what it is you look good in. You could choose the most stylish glasses for women ever made and they may look horrible on you because they are wrong for your shape. High cheekbones, broad foreheads, roundness and chin style are especially critical to examine.

Once you have figured out your shape you will be able to search for glasses specifically meant for it and find something that fits the planes of your unique and beautiful face.

Think Shapes

Speaking of shapes, eyewear has a few to choose from. From squared spectacles to cat eyes, you can find just about anything that tickles your fancy. Keep in mind, once more, that certain frame shapes will fit you better or worst than others. But often times you can find adapted versions of certain frames that are more suited.

Big or Small?

Size is a big part of how stylish glasses for women end up looking on a face, even one that is shaped for the style. You could be suited towards square frames but if they are too big they can overwhelm the face. Plus, you have to consider other accessories. If you wear big earrings often, big eyeglasses might be too much. If you prefer to be lighter on the accessories then a bigger frame can add a little oomph to your look.

Skin Tone and Color Selection

Your skin tone can completely throw off the overall look of your glasses. Warmer skin tones that have a golden or yellow tinge are better off looking for intermediate, subtle color schemes for glasses. For instance, black is much too bold, but brown or tortoise are perfect. So are gold, beige, reddish browns, olive green, dark green..anything that softens. You don’t want anything bright or pastel.

Darker or colder skin tones have a wider array of potential colors and it is more about personal style. Bright or pastels contrast nicely. Black, white, purple, pink and grey are other excellent options. Brown, beige and gold may clash.

Additional Factors to Consider

There are a few other things to think about. For one, your activity level. You may need glasses that remain more firmly fixed. You may also want to look for reflective lenses that protect from the light, if you spend a lot of time driving or outdoors. Transitional lenses can make sunglasses a thing of the past.

When it comes to stylish glasses for women, you have a lot of options. You just need to know what to look for.


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Featured Frames
Charlotte $29
Discover $29
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