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Let’s Get Clear on Reading Glasses

Let’s Get Clear on Reading Glasses

reading glasses-hanging-makeupConcept, in Jet Amber.

For many, buying reading glasses for the first time can be a really important step.

That’s why we at Eyebuydirect would like to give you a short and quick PSA about the intended use of reading glasses, their style options, and more.

Reading glasses, otherwise simply known as “readers”, are a special type of glasses fitted with a unique type of lens. Unlike prescription lenses, which are used to correct a variety of eye-related conditions, reading glasses benefit those who suffer from a very specific type of vision-related condition: Presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the most common age-related eye infliction.

Presbyopia occurs when normal aging causes the lenses in our eyes to harden and become less flexible. This gradually increasing inflexibility makes it progressively more difficult to readily focus on objects that are nearer to us. This is not to be confused with farsightedness, which is the result of a misshapen eyeball rather than the hardening of the eyeball lens.

Presbyopia makes it more difficult to recognize fine details that are closer to the eyes. This makes reading time-consuming, uncomfortable, and in some cases even dizzying. Painful headaches are a common occurrence for those with presbyopia who take no measures to minimize its effects.

Reading glasses negate the downsides of presbyopia by using specially crafted lenses to magnify close up text. The lessened effort to identify especially close symbols and letters alleviates strain off of the eyes, giving the user a more enjoyable reading experience.

So, with all of that out of the way… Here’s the good news! All of Eyebuydirect’s frames can be customized with reading glasses lens, so when it comes to fashion the sky is the limited.