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  • Size
    Extra Small
    110mm - 150mm
    120mm - 150mm
    120mm - 150mm
    120mm - 150mm
    120mm - 150mm
  • Shape
  • Rim
  • Material
  • Feature
    Lightweight Frames

    Lightweight frames weigh 15 grams or lighter without the lenses.

    Spring Hinge
    Adjustable nose pads
    Eligible for your prescription
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How to Read an Eyeglass Prescription
Play How to Read an Eyeglass Prescription
SPH (Sphere)

Spherical error, or overall power of lens is the basic part of your prescription. A (+) means you have trouble seeing near, and a (-) means you have trouble seeing things faraway.

CYL (Cylinder) & Axis

A cylinder value indicates astigmatisms or perpetually blurry vision. Axis—measured between 1 and 180°— tell us the orientation of the astigmatism

ADD (Addition)

This number is sometimes written NV for near vision and is used for multifocal lenses and readers


We can process prism prescriptions to correct eye orientation

Vertical Prism is used to help correct vertical eye misalignments and is prescribed in opposite directions for both eyes

Horizontal Prism is used to help correct lateral eye misalignments and is always prescribed in the same direction for both eyes

Pupillary Distance
Play Pupillary Distance
PD (Pupillary Distance)

It's just what sounds like—the distance in millimeters (mm) between your pupils. An average PD measurement is 63 mm, but varies by person. If it's not on the prescription, you can measure it yourself by:
• printing the downloadable PD ruler.
• watching our tutorial video.

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