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Companies always have an origin story, this is ours...

Who we are

Our Culture

We have made our customers, our business and they are our voice. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new pair of glasses, or find it inconvenient and expensive to visit an eyewear store, we are here for you.

Our Culture


We want to make it easy for everyone to have perfect vision. Our founder said it himself,

"Why should we expect our customers to tie their own identities to our brand if we’re not speaking their language?"

So why not let you tell our story, you are the “I” in EyeBuyDirect after all; you are the brand. Our evolution has led us to an opportunity where you speak for us and tell us why EyeBuyDirect.

Our team

  • The Boss Lady

    The Boss Lady

    The lady that has the power to buy the whole team burritos—also known as the General Manager. She oversees day to day operations and makes sure the business runs smoothly. We always make sure we’re on her good side, because who doesn’t love burritos?

  • The Promoters

    The Promoters

    The people who make those annoying little ads that you think are spam but aren’t. Also known as the people that brought you here in the first place, our SEO and advertising crew. You can thank them for the awesome BOGO sales we have and other promotions we run.

  • The Caretakers

    The Caretakers

    The people who take care of the site and the staff too. The two men handle coding/ IT and user experience. You know, real nerdy—erm, I mean macho stuff. The lady handles all of our sourcing and supply.

  • The Socialites

    The Socialites

    Anything you see on social media is handled by these two blonde bombshells. From contests to daily posts on Facebook, these Instagram gurus have it down! They love all of your comments too, so share the love! ;p

  • The Designers

    The Designers

    They turn our beautiful world into a magnificent one, all with the magic of photoshop! Their goal is to surprise and delight you, whether it be the GIFs in an email or the design of a collection, they want to make you say, WOW!

  • The Creators

    The Creators

    They create the brand image. These guys design our eyeglass and sunglass frames as well. I can hear you asking “ Who creates the collections and chooses the models on your site?” I have the answer for you. THESE GUYS!

Fun facts

Take a look below for a glimpse of what goes into bringing you the most fashionable and affordable glasses online.

  • 83 burritos brainstorming new designs

    6 samples created before we get it right

  • 12 cups of joe creating content every week

    5 days of loneliness your glasses go through to get to you (on average)

  • 10 countries represented on our team

    224 visionaries ensuring that your glasses meet your requirements

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