Bottles recycled. Eyewear reframed.

Bottles recycled. Eyewear reframed.

Taking care of our planet has never been more important. That’s why we created 5 TO SEETM, a collection of eco-friendly eyewear made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • @riccaanthevegans

    “We have the power to choose products and companies that care about the environment. The future is eco-conscious!”

  • @chloeyounng

    “The earth is a sanctuary and we only have one so we must cherish it. I love that these frames have a purpose.”

  • @thegirlgonegreen

    “As consumers, we have the power to vote with our dollar. Choosing a pair of glasses made from recycled materials can make a huge impact.”


A portion of 5 TO SEETM proceeds will be donated through 1% for the Planet to support eXXpedition, a non-profit educating all-female crews on ocean preservation.

The process

From plastic waste to one eco-friendly pair of eyewear — here’s a sneak peak into the process behind our 5 TO SEETM collection.

  • First, we collect plastic bottles from becoming pollution.
  • Next, the recycled plastic is molded into frames.
  • Every detail is carefully crafted by hand.
  • Finally, the frames are fully inspected for fit, quality, and appearance.